Saint Paul Winter Carnival Ice Carving Competition and More

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival has begun! It's time to bundle up, get outdoors and enjoy. I know it's cold out, but that's the whole purpose of the Winter Carnival - to get out there and take advantage of what winter has to offer and show that cold weather who's boss!  Yesterday I … [Read more...]

Experience Groundhog Day in Woodstock, IL

Groundhog Day is an often overlooked holiday. As an example, we have tons of movies about Christmas and more than a handful about Thanksgiving, New Year's, Valentine's Day, even the 4th of July. But there's only one Groundhog Day movie, the long-time favorite starring Bill Murray. In a cold, … [Read more...]

Saint Paul Winter Carnival – Get Out and Enjoy Winter!

As a person living in Minnesota, there are a few things you have to naturally love or learn to love. A great example of this is hot dish. While the rest of the country will call this food a casserole, Minnesotans know that any potluck dinner or family get together will have at least one hot dish on … [Read more...]

Hermetic Code Tour – Manitoba Legislative Building: Prepare to Be Fascinated!

The Hermetic Code Tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg is the most fascinating building tour you will ever take.  Guided tours can be one of the best ways to experience and learn more about the places we visit. But, frankly, a lot of tours can be a bit boring. That description, … [Read more...]

Plan an Unforgettable Weekend in Carmel-by-the-Sea

A more accurate title for this article may be "Plan an extended weekend" or "expect to stay longer than you planned" in Carmel..... because that's exactly what we did! Our original itinerary called for us to stay only two nights in Carmel-by-the-Sea, but on the afternoon we were expecting to leave … [Read more...]

Pixar Fest Food, Fun and Friendship at Disneyland Resort

If you have never been to Disneyland, your first visit will be magical. If you have been to Disneyland 50 times, your 51st visit will be magical. Not only is that because Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth, but because Disneyland is constantly adding new things to do, see, taste and enjoy. … [Read more...]

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Review – Our California Road Trip

My husband and I love to take road trips. Taking a drive is one of the very best ways to see the country. You get to see everything as it passes outside your window and when something catches your eye, you can stop and take a closer look. Last week we were roadtripping in California and the … [Read more...]

Plan a Family Camping Trip – What You Need for an Outdoor Adventure

Spring is almost here and that means many of us are itching to get outside. If you have a bad case of cabin fever and want to get out and enjoy the warmer weather, family camping is a fun and frugal way to spend time together and to enjoy our beautiful planet. If you haven’t done much camping, you … [Read more...]

Disney World Souvenirs to Buy Before You Go

A Disney vacation isn't quite the same without some fun, new Disney World Souvenirs, but you can avoid the stress and save some money by knowing what Disney World souvenirs to buy before you go. There are some special items that are only available in the park that you may want to go while you're … [Read more...]

Great Wolf Adventure Park – Dry Fun Outside the Water Park!

People are shocked when I tell them we spent a whole weekend at the new Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington, Minnesota, with our room meals and activities provided courtesy of Great Wolf Lodge, and didn't go in the waterpark. Yes! Shocking, right? We all know that Great Wolf Lodge is known for their … [Read more...]