Great Wolf Adventure Park – Dry Fun Outside the Water Park!

Great Wolf Adventure Park Howler’s Peak Ropes Course

People are shocked when I tell them we spent a whole weekend at the new Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington, Minnesota, with our room meals and activities provided courtesy of Great Wolf Lodge, and didn’t go in the waterpark. Yes! Shocking, right? We all know that Great Wolf Lodge is known for their AWESOME water parks, and this newest waterpark is no exception. But, despite that very real fact, there is SO much else to do outside of the water park in the Great Wolf Adventure Park and that’s where we spent a fun-filled weekend we are eager to replicate again.

Great Wolf Adventure Park is filled with activities and experiences that are fun for the whole family. Our crew included everyone from 9 years old to 65+ (but there are also options for younger kids.) There are lots of active experiences to work off that never-ending kid energy and ways for them to put their thinking caps on too. We tried every activity in Great Wolf Adventure Park! Check it all out…..

Great Wolf Adventure Park Activities

Howler’s Peak Ropes Course

As I write this, I am really disappointed in myself that I didn’t try the course myself and only took photos while the 9-year-old explored the course. It looks like SO much fun for both kids and adults. It’s an aerial adventure with the safety of a climbing harness that lets you tackle obstacles like rope bridges and suspended pathways. The challenges range from easy to difficult, but the helpful staff was willing to help make the toughest challenges achievable.

Great Wolf Oliver’s Mining Co.

Oliver’s Mining Co.

Kids get the experience of mining for gold and jewels at Oliver’s Mining Co. Little R is a fan of Gold Rush on The Discover Channel, so it was extra fun to try some mining the “old fashioned” way to search for treasures in the hidden in his paydirt. Each kid starts with a bag full of paydirt that has gemstones and minerals waiting to be discovered inside it. A handy identification card lets the kids figure out what type of stones and minerals they find before they are taken home in a collection bag.

Great Wolf Ten Paw Alley

Ten Paw Alley

Bowling in Ten Paw Alley is a blast! Half-length lanes and five-pound balls make bowling a bit easier for everyone. Kids even have the choice to play with or without bumpers. Kids who usually play with bumpers might be surprised (and encouraged) by how well they do without bumpers during this game.

Ten Paw Alley

We also loved the feature of being able to incorporate our own faces into hilarious animated scenes that play on the scoreboard between frames. The kids saw their heads wind up on dogs, pirates, weight lifters, little old ladies and more. Watching the animated videos provided a lot of laughs!

Northern Lights Arcade

Northern Lights Arcade

We are big arcade fans and had a blast in the Northern Lights Arcade! We especially loved the carnival style games and did our best to rack up a lot of tickets to use toward some awesome prizes. There is a great variety of games from Skeeball to auto racing – really something for everyone.

Great Wolf Climbing Wall

Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall

One of the highlights of Adventure Park is the Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall! It offers a 21 ft. climbing wall with a variety of routes to the top for a range of ages and skill levels. It’s a fun, active experience that gives a great sense of accomplishment upon reaching the summit!

MagiQuest Wands


Our #1 activity within Adventure Park was definitely MagiQuest! We became totally immersed in the quests to help the pixies, defeat the Goblin King and do battle with the fierce dragon! With MagiQuest you first choose a special magic wand and then search Great Wolf Lodge for clues, treasure chests, crystals and other items you need to complete your quests.

Great Wolf MagiQuest

I put a lot of miles on my FitBit completing our quests, but love that we can play MagiQuest for just a few minutes at a time, or get lost in it for hours. Plus, we can pick up with MagiQuest right where we left off on our next visit to any Great Wolf Lodge!

Great Wolf Adventure Park Paw Pass

Great Wolf Adventure Park Paw Pass

With all these fun things to do at Adventure Park, you can experience multiple activities with a Paw Pass and end up saving up to 46% off the retail price of $127.92.

The $69.99 Paw Pass Package Includes:
One MagiQuest game game
Choice of classic/color wand, standard topper or Magi belt
One Creation Station animal (outfit not included)
One Clubhouse Crew Adventure
One Great Wolf Lodge Candy Shop candy cup
One pair of Great Wolf Lodge swim goggles
One Glitz Glitter Tattoo
One Leather Treaty wristband
One Paw Points game card for Northern Lights Arcade ($5)
One Oliver’s Mining Co. Experience

Other Paw Pass packages are also available, including a Pup Pass that includes activities for younger kids.

Great Wolf Arcade Bloomington

And I can’t forget to add that Adventure Park has its very own places to get treats, snacks or meals with Hungry as a Wolf for pizza and pasta, The  Outpost for adult beverages and Great Wolf Candy Company. We had SO MUCH fun in Great Wolf Adventure Park. Being local in the Minneapolis, we’re happy to know that we can visit it any time, whether or not we’re staying at Great Wolf Lodge. It’s great fun for any day, but even better with a day that ends with a stay at Great Wolf Lodge.

Great Wolf Adventure Park

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  1. Great Wolf Lodge is just plain AWESOME. We have been to the one in New England and my kids LOVE it.

  2. We love Great Wolf Lodge. So many people think it’s JUST a water park, but it’s so much more. You can have all kinds of fun without ever getting wet!

  3. My kids love Great Wolf Lodge outside of the water almost as much as they love it in the water. There is so much to do there.

  4. It looks like the best place for the kids! I love that there are so many activities lined up for them to experience. My little one is going to have a great time here!

  5. I have two boys an you can imagine how much energy they have! It’s crazy! I’d love to take them to place that will keep them busy! This one’s perfect.

  6. I’ve seen ads for Great Wolf before but thought it was just a water park! Wow, so much to do! I think they might have one in our area too. This makes me want to learn more.

  7. The Great Wolf Lodge is definitely more than just a water park! I love all the other activities kids and adults can enjoy together. That wall climbing activity would be great for the kids to use up that extra energy. Helps them develop strategy skills too.

  8. My kiddos would love these fun-filled adventures! My one child would love to climb the walls or the rope course. Lots of dry activities to do at Great Wolf!

  9. When I think of Great Wolf, I always thing of water park. I had no idea they had so many activities that aren’t water related. It looks like such a great place where there’s something for everyone here!

  10. That climbing course looks like a ton of fun. I haven’t rock climbed in a very long time.

  11. They are bringing the Great Wolf Lodge to GA soon! This year actually I cant wait I will take my family!

  12. I had no clue that had all of those activities! I must admit, the water park is what I thought of when you said Great Wolf Lodge!

  13. Even a grown person like m can not leave it wen I arrive it, I can imagine how much kids get exciting

  14. Bernie Wallace says:

    I heard great things about these parks. I hope to go one day. Thanks for sharing.

  15. We’ve never been to Great Wolf Lodge. Even though the Wisconsin Dells reminds me of this place. It looks like tons of fun for everyone!! All the kids and myself love the water FUN! This Lodge has a lot to offer! Thank you for sharing!


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