JVC Completely Wireless Sport Headphones for Serious Runners – and Everyone Else

Whether you're a serious runner, or just serious about having great, portable, high-quality sound, you need to check out these JVC Wireless Sport Headphones! Early in the year I was given a different pair of bluetooth earbuds that I promptly passed on to my husband thinking "I don't need … [Read more...]

Take Care of Your Dog with Natural Food and Care Products from TruDog

Chances are you do your best to take care of your and your family's health. You're moving away from eating processed foods and embracing a diet that includes more natural, wholesome foods. But what about your four-legged friends? What's in the food they eat and the products you use to care for … [Read more...]

Mary Poppins Returns – But Not Soon Enough for Me!

I'm always excited about new Disney movies but in the case of Mary Poppins Returns, I am extra, super over-the-top excited! Just learning that this movie was going to be made was good news, but watching the trailer it looks like my hopes that it would be amazingly wonderful and fantastical will be … [Read more...]

Rosemary and Mint Essential Oils Shampoo Bar Recipe

Are you familiar with shampoo bars? I didn't know about them until recently, but now that I do... I love them! Shampoo bars are growing in popularity. This is partially due to the fact that they’re eco-friendly - in more ways than one! They're easier to transport than plastic bottles and, … [Read more...]

Matching Family Halloween Pajamas

Matching family Halloween pajamas are just SO DARN CUTE! Whether they're a Halloween eve tradition, the outfit for some fun photos, or just a silly way to hang around the house, we have found so many ADORABLE designs from Pat Pat and what's even better is that they have amazingly affordable … [Read more...]

Save on RITZ with Ibotta + Enter to Win a Walmart Gift Card

This post was sponsored by RITZ as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. We're big fans of RITZ Crackers in our house. Every time we have a family get-together or host a party, RITZ is always on the shopping list! Even if there is … [Read more...]

What Should You Buy in September? My Local CBS News Morning Segment

As we move into fall, it's time to take a look ahead to the changing seasons AND to the deals autumn will bring. There are certain items that are great to buy in September, saving you money and helping you to plan ahead. If you’re wondering “What Should You Buy in September?” that was our topic … [Read more...]

Combat the Back-to-School Crazy – Let Instacart Do Your Grocery Shopping for You!

Back to school doesn't have to mean back to crazy. (Although I was going a little crazy over summer break, but that's a story for another day.) If you're a busy parent, or a busy human in general, one way you can save your sanity and a BUNCH of time is by having someone else do your grocery shopping … [Read more...]

Healthy Asian Food That’s Ready In Minutes

Is anyone else ready for fall? While I LOVE summer and enjoy the warm, sunny weather and all the activities and family time that summer offers, I'm now at the point I'm ready to get back to a regular schedule and "real life". Thanks to Tai Pei Food for sponsoring this post and letting me take a few … [Read more...]

25 Amazing Instant Pot Dinner Recipes to Make Your Life Easier

Looking for some fresh and different Instant Pot Dinner recipes to whip up for your family? Check out this big variety of recipes below that all use your beloved Instant Pot. With these kid-friendly options, even picky eaters will enjoy these satisfying recipes listed below. From chicken to beef … [Read more...]