Make Your Own Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Treats in the Microwave Recipe

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Recently there has been a lot of news regarding the dangers associated with certain dog treats, particularly those made with chicken or sweet potatoes, and dogs becoming ill or dying – particularly from kidney failure. A great way to avoid these dangers is to make your own treats!  Plus, you have the added assurance of feeding your dog something freshly made by YOU and they are a lot cheaper than store-bought treats too.

I already love to make homemade potato chips in the microwave for the humans in our family to eat, so I slightly adapted that recipe to make homemade sweet potato dog treats for our Toby.  They are easy to make and Toby LOOOOVES them!

Slicing Sweet Potatoes for Dog Treats


Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Treats in the Microwave Recipe


Sweet Potatoes
Cooking Spray (I prefer oil in my own Misto mister bottle.)

How to Make Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Treats:

Start by scrubbing potatoes well.  I leave the skin on, but you could peel them if you like.  Cut into 1/8″ thick slices.

Spray a microwave-safe dinner plate lightly with cooking spray.  (You can use a canned spray, but I prefer using my own oil in aMisto mister bottle for both our food AND the dog!) Spread the slices out so they aren’t overlapping.  If you have any thicker slices, put them on the outer edges.

Sweet Potato Slices

The next step of actually cooking them will vary greatly depending on the wattage of your microwave oven. I have a small 600 watt oven so I cook them for 5 minutes on one side. Flip them over and cook for 5 minutes on the second side. Flip again – cook 2 minutes. Flip again – cook 2 minutes. If your oven is more powerful, I would recommend starting with 3 minutes per side. Keep flipping and cooking until the slices have started to turn crunchy. They will continue to crisp up after you remove them from the oven.

Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container for several days, but if your dog loves them as much as Toby does, they probably won’t last that long!  I love a cute dog treat canister with a tight-fitting lid. If you try the recipe, please come back and tell me how your dog likes them! If you try the recipe, please come back and tell me how your dog likes them!

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Sweet Potato Dog Treat Recipe

Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Treats

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  1. Wow — that looks so easy! I’m going to try it!
    thank you for sharing

  2. Cool Thanks I am sure my dog will loves these and they are super easy and cheap to make

  3. I had no idea you could make any kind of chips in the microwave. I don’t have a dog anymore but I really want to try the “human chips.” Can you do the same thing with regular potatoes/chips?

  4. Yes, you can. Here is my recipe for “regular” potato chips in the microwave: (But the dog ones are also perfectly edible for humans if you like sweet potatoes. Just slice them more thinly for better texture.)

  5. Awesome! thanks for sharing.

  6. cool idea, i’m gonna try this. My dog thanks you!

  7. FANTASTIC treats. Thank you for the idea and directions. Easy to make and our dogs love them. I’ve stored the extras in a zip lock bag, but seriously doubt they’ll be there for long. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is a great idea because you could make smaller batches as needed. In less time… brilliant!!

  9. great idea but would it be easier to put the slices on a wooden BBQ stick.?.Then you don’t have to flip it all the time

  10. I am going to try these for our Great Dane Zeus, Hope he likes these. I guess if he doesnt people can eat them..:)

  11. I just made these and my furbaby loves them !

  12. Cybie, Cedie and Deenie Marie our 3 Brittanys love, love, love them. Deenie is diabetic so very good treat for her. Thank you

  13. I have a high power microwave & tried the 3mins. on each side…it burned them & scared the fool out of me. Smoke!!
    I sure wish these sweet potatoes weren’t so hard to cut in slices. I’m gonna try again. And watch a little closer.

  14. I made some for my next door neighbor pet who I’m looking after this week and he adored them! I made a crispy batch and a softer version, and he loved both, but seemed to prefer the crispy ones. Thanks for this super easy and quick dog treat recipe!

  15. I tried making these for my pup but she just sniffed it and turn her nose. 🙁 The weird thing is she usually goes CRAZY for sweet potatoes, and I’ve made her oven-baked sweet potato treats before and she ate them no problem. The only thing I can guess why is that these were microwaved… Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

    • Wow, I have no idea. Maybe try to give her one a bit later? Maybe she wasn’t in the mood for them? My dog LOVES these. I hope she decides she likes them. It’s so much easier than baking! (and I have accidentally burned them in the oven too!)

      • I’m not sure what her issue was because I tried giving some to a friend’s Malinois and he scarfed them up fast! I do have a go-to recipe for baked candied yam dog treats, but they take hours to make and you’re right, they are easy to burn. I’ll have to try these again soon.

  16. Very good dog food recipe, maybe this is the easiest recipe ever. Thank you!

  17. Sandi Whitney says:

    I just made these and my dogs love them! Instead of spraying with cooking spray I brushed them with coconut oil. Coconut oil is so good for their skin and fur. I am now trying the same thing with zucchini and the first batch was a hit! Thanks so much for posting this.

    • I love the coconut oil idea! When I first made them I wasn’t into coconut oil, but now I always have it on hand. Thanks for the suggestion!

  18. I know this was posted 5 years ago but I made them tonight and they are awesome!! I have 5 dogs and starting realizing how much money we spend on dog treats. So I tried these and all of my dogs love them. Thank you so much!!

  19. carrie parks says:

    My puppies LOVED these! I did burn a couple small ones, yuck that smells. Less cooking time next time for my microwave. 🙂 thank you

    • Oh, good! I’m so glad they loved them! You’re right it can get tricky when some are smaller than the others. Thanks for commenting!

  20. Thanks for sharing this, my dog loves them!

  21. Great treats! Using a mandolin makes slicing super easy. My microwave is 1250 watts so I did 1-2 minutes at a time, watching carefully! All 3 of my dogs would have eaten the whole batch at once if I let them!

    • I’m so glad to hear your dogs love them as much as mine does!! Thanks for letting me know. I DO like the mandoline idea. I have one that I haven’t tried using yet. Next time I definitely will!

  22. I’m going to make these today. I think I will try cooking them at 50% power and see how they turn out. Thank you for the recipe!

  23. janice agro says:

    Worked Great, Easy, dog loved them. Much faster and nicer looking in the microwave.

  24. I found your page via stumble upon. I am a new doggy owner and adopted a rescue shelter dog. I am excited finding your page and others like it. Thank you for sharing. I might eat these sweet potatoe treats myself too

  25. I just made some for my Schnoodle and he’s crazy about them!! I make his own food and treats and loved how simple & this was and even more how much he enjoyed them!!
    Thank you!

  26. “simple and easy”

  27. These were a hit. I too have a high watt microwave so did 2 mins at a time then 1.
    I also use coconut oil for its benefit & sprinkle with cinnamon. ??

  28. This is amazing just saw this and I have to do it for Chole, she love then. I gave her one piece then another one and I have to hide the rest, she wants to keep eating them. Thanks


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