Hermetic Code Tour – Manitoba Legislative Building: Prepare to Be Fascinated!

The Hermetic Code Tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg is the most fascinating building tour you will ever take. 

Hermetic Code Tour Manitoba Legislative Building

Guided tours can be one of the best ways to experience and learn more about the places we visit. But, frankly, a lot of tours can be a bit boring. That description, however, could NEVER be applied to the Hermetic Code Tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg. It’s a riveting 90-minute tour that feels more like experiencing a movie filled with suspense and intrigue than it does like your average tour.

Since 2009, over 40,000 people have taken the Hermetic Code Tour and, after taking it myself, that number doesn’t surprise me at all. Once you have taken the tour you’ll want to tell everyone you know that it’s a MUST when visiting Winnipeg or anwhere within driving distance.

The tour is led by Dr. Frank Albo, who spent ten years and earned four graduate degrees while nurturing his obsession to study the architecture, history and everything else there is to know about this magnificent building. The building itself presents an architectural odyssey through time that holds the secrets of the Freemasonic symbols, hieroglyphic inscriptions and numerological codes.

The Manitoba Legislative Building, says Dr. Albo, is a building that masquerades as a house of government, but is designed as a temple. The building’s architect Frank Worthington Simon, said that by visiting and spending time in the legislative building, people would become more intelligent, more balanced and generally more civilized.

Throughout the tour you learn that the secrets of the building are actually all within plain view (with a few rare exceptions) and you’ll learn how to read the building like a book. It’s surprising that these secrets lay hidden for nearly 100 years.

Now that Dr. Albo has discovered them, these secrets and symbols are carefully and thoroughly explained by Dr. Albo throughout the tour and as we got further into our time, we found that we were able to spot and notice secrets and patterns on our own. Maybe the architect was right and we WERE becoming more intelligent as we spent time in the building.

Even if you know nothing about Freemasonry or the history of Manitoba (or even if you thought you never had an interest in the topics), you’ll be fascinated by what you learn and the secrets built into the building. It is filled with symbolism and patterns related to the core beliefs of the Freemasons including the importance of geometry, astrology, the power of numbers and the principles of alchemy.

The tour leaves room for audience participation (completely optional of course) by answering (or guessing at answers to) questions, counting design features to determine codes, and we may or may not have found ourselves doing a sing-along of the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme song.

Seriously – this is by far the most exciting building tour I have ever experienced and can’t recommend it enough. Don’t forget, it’s a MUST when you visit Manitoba!


Hermetic Tour Information:

Tours run on Wednesday evenings from April to October (with occasional extra dates added) and can be booked via Heartland International Travel & Tours. The fee is $36.00(CAD)/person + taxes and fees ($41.80(CAD) per person). Tours must be booked in advance, are non-refundable and cannot be changed once booked.

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  1. That is a cool building!!! I Have never been to that part of Canada, but would love to go someday!

  2. I would love to take this tour! I’m a big fan of history, and tours like this really bring it to life.

  3. Such amazing architecture! I love looking at these buildings and learn the history and just seeing how detailed they are. Beautiful

  4. I hope to get that part of Canada, so I can check that out! I love all things history.

  5. My Teen Guide says:

    Oh wow! That is such a majestic building! The details are just jaw-dropping. Seeing the dome ceiling alone is worth the trip!

  6. It’s amazing to be able to immerse yourself in a place and learn more about it. I think that’s how tours help maximize our visit! This one’s a must to experience if you love architecture and history!

  7. What an amazing tour! I’ve never been to Manitoba but Winnipeg is definitely on my list of cities to visit. Excited to see this building in person. Really interesting.

  8. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I have not been inside the Manitoba Legislative building, but I have only seen it as we were passing through. OMG, it sure is a wondrous sight to see. The facade, the interiors, everything is definitely a reason to visit Manitoba.

  9. shelly peterson says:

    What an amazing place. I would love to go here someday.

  10. Such a fun experience! Would love to visit one day!

  11. I need to visit more of Canada! That sounds like a fascinating tour!

  12. Dana Rodriguez says:

    That had to be such a fun visit. You got some beautiful photos!

  13. Abigail Gibson says:

    I would love to do this tour. Thank you for sharing.

  14. John Smith says:

    That building is amazing! I’ve only been in Winnipeg once, when I was a kid, and I saw a mountie, and that was about it!

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