Best Extra Long Phone Charging Cable Only $7.99 SHIPPED!

I have gotten super frustrated with phone charging cables being way too short. Actually, sometimes they're only about a foot too short, but that one foot can make a huge difference. So, when I saw this deal last month for a 10 Foot High Speed Armored Charge Cable for only $7.99 with FREE shipping. I … [Read more...]

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Earbud Headphones – A New Standard

Because we are always on the go, we were early adopters of using wireless earbud headphones. There's nothing quite like the convenience, maneuverability and easy of ditching cords and cables and having sound with nothing but two small earbuds. But, that being said, wireless earbuds have … [Read more...]

LG OLED TV at Best Buy – Bigger and Better Looking Than Ever!

I think just about everyone knows that just before the Super Bowl is one of the best, if not THE best time to buy a new television. After all, if you're going to watch the big game, you might as well view it on a BIG screen and get a great picture while you're at it, right? Now you can feel like … [Read more...]

Install and Support Your New Tech with a Total Tech Support Membership from Best Buy

So you've opened up your holiday gifts...the new smartphone, car stereo, television, or maybe even a dishwasher. As you start connecting and using these new goodies, you might need some help getting everything set up, or maybe you just need some tips on how to maximize their potential. I consider … [Read more...]

Enhance Your TV Viewing Experience with the VIZIO P-Series 4K HDR Smart TV

Wow, have TVs come a long way! My husband remembers watching the Super Bowl on a tiny television when he was a kid, and even ten years ago we still had one of those giant televisions in our living room. We scrimped and saved for months to finally buy a 32" flat-screen television for an astronomical … [Read more...]

LG Watch W7 Smartwatch Review – Style and Function

When choosing a smartwatch there are a lot of things to consider. While most smartwatches have lots of bells and whistles, there is a big difference in the way they LOOK! If style is important to you when choosing a watch, you may want to consider a stylish option like the LG Watch W7 … [Read more...]

Finally Cut the Cable Cord with the Latest Google Chromecast – Now at Best Buy

A few years ago, my husband and I took a good hard look at our cable bill. While we loved watching television, we didn't love it enough to justify the monthly cost. After exploring our options, we decided to stream our entertainment instead and haven't looked back! Sure, the way we watch television … [Read more...]

NEW Bose Smart Speakers and Soundbars Available at

With all of the latest technology and improvements available these days, there's really no excuse for music junkies to not enjoy the best quality sound out there. Bonus if you can control what's being played with just your voice, right? Upgrade to the latest and greatest technology with the Bose … [Read more...]

NFL PopSockets – Show Your Team Spirit!

Have you tried a PopSockets grip yet? It's a stylish and super handy phone accessory that lets you do more with your phone. Simply expand to use it and collapse to lay it flat against the back of your phone. It's helpful whether you're trying to snap a quick pic, watch videos on the fly, or text … [Read more...]

More Immersive Gaming with the Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gaming Headset

While I love gaming now and then I am definitely not the big gamer in our family. That would be my husband! He loves to play all kinds of games on the Xbox One. And while the variety of games he likes to play might be big, there is one thing in common for all - - he likes to play them LOUD!! I'm … [Read more...]