Pokémon GO Safety Tips – Stay Safe While Catching ‘Em All!

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Pokemon Go Safety Tips

The craze continues. Pokémon GO has surpassed every other app in popularity has netted billions of dollars. In recent weeks, this game has taken the world by storm. It has broken records, it’s helping those with mental illnesses and learning disabilities and it’s just plain fun! With everything great, however, sometimes comes opportunities to make it better. You’ve no doubt heard about people not being so safe while playing the game. Even though the main screen when you sign into the came holds a warning, there has been a multitude of injuries for some people playing the game. Here are some Pokémon GO safety tips!


Pokémon GO Safety Tips


Private Property

It’s no surprise that a game that is centered around geolocation has seen a rise in trespassing and people being where they shouldn’t be. Before you go on someone’s property be sure to ask for their permission. If you aren’t sure if something is considered private property, it’s better to be safe and assume that it is rather than isn’t. Pokémon will spawn all over, and you can find that Blastoise somewhere down the road. As for legendary Pokémon, they aren’t spawning anywhere besides public areas. Like the viral Central Park Pokémon you’ve probably seen.

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Sometimes walking gets boring, or you just have to get to the nearest Pokéstop sooner. Don’t use your phone while you’re riding your bike. Treat it like you’re driving. Definitely, don’t play the game while driving (that probably goes without saying). Instead, you can pick up a handlebar mount for your phone that clips right on your handlebars to hold your phone. It’s handy and keeps your phone in view without needing to keep your eyes glued to it. When a Pokémon appears you can stop your bike for a minute and catch it!

When biking you should also try to stay as visible as possible. Wear bright colors, and slap some reflectors on your bike. They’re very cheap and you can pick some up here. This way cars can see you when it starts to get dark, and you’ll stay a lot safer!

thrifty jinxy pokemon safety tips

Group Up

I have seen a ton of people playing this game in my town well into the night. Sometimes it’s a lone teenager walking around the wee hours of the morning! Be safe and go with a group of friends! Tell someone where you’re going especially if you’re underage and find yourself playing until dark. Just be safe, please.



This is important. Use a good, strong sunscreen if you’re playing during the day. If you’re a kid that’s reading this, and you don’t want to wear sunscreen because you feel like it isn’t “cool”. Trust me when I say that the health of your skin is more important than what’s “cool”. Sunscreen up and reapply every couple hours.

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Stay Hydrated

It has been a crazy hot summer here where I live, in Idaho. It’s probably safe to say that this summer has been pretty warm just about everywhere! If you’re out during the day you should be drinking a lot of water. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke aren’t things that you should take lightly. Drink plenty of water. If you feel like you can’t cool down no matter what, or if you suddenly stop sweating, find shade and water immediately. This is another reason to group up — someone can get water or help if needed.
thrifty jinxy pokemon safety tips

Pokémon GO is addicting. I know because I’m in the same boat as everyone else. All of us college aged kids who grew up with the originals have to set a great example of what it means to be a Pokémon trainer. Especially for these younger kids. Group up, be safe, ask permission, and stay hydrated. Set the example by using these Pokémon GO safety tips whenever you’re playing! What tips would you add to the list? Let’s swap ideas, maybe there are some that are specific to your location?

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Pokemon Go Safety Tips

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  1. cshell090869@aol.com' shelly peterson says:

    I myself have not gotten into this. I have heard of some not so great stories of things happening while playing. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  2. jewelwood55@gmail.com' Julie Wood says:

    People have already gotten hurt playing this game that is why they need to be careful and watch what they are doing and make this a fun adventure with the kids.

  3. dearrhannahh@aol.com' Hannah C says:

    These are some great tips as it seems that people are getting hurt while playing the game, but there have also been a lot of benefits to it!

  4. Safety is good to keep in mind! We’ve had lots of issues with trespassers playing the game.

  5. My son likes to play. People just need to use common sense, really.

  6. Great reminders! It’s easy to forget the simple stuff when the players are engrossed in the game!

  7. These are great tips!! My kids love this game we lay out very strict guidelines for them for where and when they can play the game!

  8. lisa@acouponaddict.com' Lisa JOnes says:

    Such Great Tips Love The Tip To Group Together Smart Idea!! My Kids Are Addicted To It!! LOL!

  9. Austownh104@gmail.com' Austin H. says:

    Some really greats points here. Staying hydrated and off private property is good for your health. As well as watching where you are going. Crosswalks and such

  10. Pokemon GO gets people outside and walking around and interacting with strangers in interesting ways . But there have already been some drawbacks to the game. Players have reported getting hurt while distracted by the app, andreports quickly spread over the weekend that armed robbers were using the app to camp out near Pokestops and gyms to get easy access to potential victims.

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