Our Favorite Family Organization App (Plus It’s FREE for Basic Version!)

Disclosure AffiliateOur Favorite Family Organization App Cozi

Over a year ago, I wrote a bit about the Cozi app. To refresh your memory, it is a family organization app that is really the bees’ knees especially for families! It has been one of the top organization apps for a while and it is easy for me to see why!

My husband and I about a year ago decided to look for a digital way to keep up with one another’s schedules. I downloaded several free trials of calendar apps, to-do list apps and more. By far, the Cozi app was our favorite. We have continued to use it all this time and still love it.

Our Favorite Family Organization App Cozi

Here are some of the features that I really love about it that make it my favorite family organization app:

  • You can sync the app to other devices to merge schedules and more. Set up your app to sync with your husband’s device and even with your older children’s devices. When they add something to their calendar, it automatically notifies you and allows you to add it to your calendar as well. I love this feature because it helps us to keep one another’s schedules in check and plan our own schedules accordingly.
  • The shopping list feature makes grocery and household shopping so much simpler. When my husband realizes we are nearly out of trash bags, he just adds that to his shopping list on his iPhone. Then when I run to the store, I can check his list from my device to see if he has noticed anything that we need. Without him even having to tell me, I know to get trash bags when I make a run to the store.
  • You can update your information from a computer or mobile device. I really like this feature since I work a few hours a day from the computer. I am able to pull up my family’s schedule and lists online while I sit at the computer in the morning and make a plan for the day.

This is such a great app to help keep you and your entire family organized and on the same page. And what is even better – the basic version is totally free!! And for only $29.95 a year you can upgrade to get all of the features available. Just head over here to download this incredible app.

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