ShopHer Media – Help Your Business Connect with Influencers

With the rise of the internet and social media came a new marketing term – an influencer. Influencer marketing holds a tremendous amount of power...think about how much more likely you are to buy something if you heard about it from a close friend or family member, an authority figure that you … [Read more...]

Maxi the Taxi Dog App – Feel Like You’re in the Story!

If you know me and my kids, you know that we LOVE books. We regularly visit the library and have shelves of our own books at home. I was a big reader as a kid, and I am thrilled to be able to pass on my love of reading to my own kiddos! My daughter and I recently tried out the Maxi the Taxi Dog … [Read more...]

Our NECTAR Mattress after Six Months

We have been sleeping on our NECTAR mattress for over six months now. Actually it has been just about nine months now that I add it up. I have read a lot of mattress reviews, including NECTAR mattress reviews, and have found that many times the reviewer creates the review after sleeping on the bed … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Mattress

One of the important purchase decisions we ever have to make is a mattress. Sure, it may not be the most expensive item we may ever buy, but it gets its importance by being one of the things (if not the #1 thing) we use the most in our life. Even if you only sleep six hours a night (which is … [Read more...]

More Immersive Gaming with the Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gaming Headset

While I love gaming now and then I am definitely not the big gamer in our family. That would be my husband! He loves to play all kinds of games on the Xbox One. And while the variety of games he likes to play might be big, there is one thing in common for all - - he likes to play them LOUD!! I'm … [Read more...]

JVC Completely Wireless Sport Headphones for Serious Runners – and Everyone Else

Whether you're a serious runner, or just serious about having great, portable, high-quality sound, you need to check out these JVC Wireless Sport Headphones! Early in the year I was given a different pair of bluetooth earbuds that I promptly passed on to my husband thinking "I don't need … [Read more...]

Put Together a Beautiful, Fully Customizable Photobook with Mixbook

I was recently given the opportunity to try out Mixbook, specifically their fantastic photo books. I have never been one to scrapbook, but putting together a digital scrapbook of sorts is kind of fun! Plus, it's SO nice to be able to get all of those lovely pictures off your phone and into a hard … [Read more...]

PetPlate Freshly-Cooked Dog Food Delivery Review

With a picky dog like our Toby, we're always looking for a food that he likes to eat AND that we can feel good about feeding him. We have found that in PetPlate! PetPlate is 100% human-quality, ready-to-eat food for dogs. The meals are designed by top veterinarian Dr. Renee and contain good … [Read more...]

I Found the Best Fish Oil for Cats

Finding a fish oil supplement for cats is hard! I have seriously tried about 10 different types of fish oil for cats and my cats have turned their nose up at all of them! My dog is easy. If it is in a treat form he will eat just about anything. The cats are different! I have bought what looks … [Read more...]

Incredibles 2 Review NO SPOILERS: It Was Worth the Long Wait!

Disney•Pixar’s INCREDIBLES 2 is now in theaters everywhere! It has been a LOOOOOONG wait for the sequel to The Incredibles (14 years to be exact), but it has been worth the wait! With such a big time gap between the first and second movie, I admit I was a bit worried if it would live up to my … [Read more...]