Slow Cooker Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes Recipe

I love potatoes. And even though I'm a HUGE lover of potatoes, I think my sister is even a bigger lover of potatoes. Ever since we were little kids her #1 favorite thing to eat was a great big heaping mound of mashed potatoes. She would like to make what she called a "mashed potato oven" and put a … [Read more...]

12 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Decorate Your Table

Before we know it, Thanksgiving Day will be here!! What's on your menu this year? Are you the type who serves the exact same menu every year, or do you like to throw in a few new things to keep it interesting? We have our tried and true favorites here, but we do like to try a new appetizer or new … [Read more...]

Make DIY White Chocolate Wishbones for a NEW Thanksgiving Tradition!

DIY White Chocolate Wishbones The tradition of breaking wishbones has been around for thousands of years! According to my limited internet research, it goes all the way back to the ancient Romans who would pull apart chicken clavicles hoping to attain good fortune. That custom eventually evolved … [Read more...]

No Bake Pumpkin Pie Recipe – Delicious Layered Goodness!

While I do love a good 'ol traditional pumpkin pie, I am not a pie baker myself. BUT, I am always happy to whip up an easy no bake pie like this No Bake Pumpkin Pie Recipe. There's no need to heat the oven and you can have the whole thing mixed up and chilling in the refrigerator in a matter … [Read more...]

DIY Fall Harvest Corn Mason Jar Craft

t Just a few weeks ago it seemed like summer was still in full swing, but this last week temperatures have dropped here in Minnesota and it feels like fall has officially arrived! No only is the temperature coming down, but I'm seeing the first of the leaves falling and seeing ads in our local … [Read more...]

Cranberry Compote with Brie Appetizer Recipe

Sometimes the most "fancy" looking, beautiful and delicious party appetizers can actually be easy to make. Although there are several steips in making this Cranberry Compote with Brie appetizer recipe, none of them are hard and they don't take long to do either. This recipe starts with fresh … [Read more...]

15 Easy Leftover Turkey Recipes

Once Thanksgiving has come and gone there is one thing that almost always remains - leftover turkey!! If you misjudged and got a bird that was way too big, that could mean a LOT of leftover turkey! But have no fear - you don't have to just keep repeating your Thanksgiving dinner and serving it "as … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for reading Thrifty Jinxy. We wouldn't be here without you!    … [Read more...]

7 Thanksgiving Table Crafts

The most important part of Thanksgiving is spending time with family and friends and eating great food. But, a beautiful Thanksgiving table can make all of that even better! Want to have the most beautiful table around?? We started searching for ideas and what we found were 7 incredible Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

10 Delicious Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes

Have you started planning your Thanksgiving menu? Whether you're creating the whole meal yourself, or if you're just brining a dish or two to share for a potluck celebration - you can't forget the appetizers! While we all want the traditional foods for the main meal - turkey, stuffing, mashed … [Read more...]