New Disney•Pixar’s INCREDIBLES 2 Trailer, Poster and Merchandise

It's Friday the 13th. The number 13 always has a bad reputation of being unlucky, but today it's looking pretty lucky to me because it's the date we get to see the new Disney•Pixar’s INCREDIBLES 2 teaser trailer and poster! I originally miscalculated the math in my head (actually I forgot that it is … [Read more...]

Creating Coco’s Lands of the Living and Dead with Pixar’s Chris Bernardi

The holiday season is even better when there is a REALLY GOOD family movie to go see. This year we hit the jackpot with Disney•Pixar’s COCO opening in theaters on Thanksgiving! Last week I had a chance to interview Pixar's Chris Bernardi, who shared a bit about the amazing work that went into … [Read more...]

Talking Cars 3 with Jay Ward and Ray Evernham

Making any movie takes the talents of a lot of people. Making a Pixar movie takes the talents of lots and lots and lots of people!! While I was in Charlotte, NC, last month for the DISNEY·PIXAR’S CARS 3 in-home release event, I had a chance to meet with some of these people who helped created this … [Read more...]

Creating the Story: The Good Dinosaur Teamwork in Action

It's only two days away!! The Good Dinosaur will be in theaters everywhere on Wednesday, November 25th. I'm going to head to a screening of the film tonight, so be sure to follow me on Twitter and I'll let you know my final thoughts! I have told you a lot about my visit to Pixar Animation Studios … [Read more...]

Sanjay’s Super Team – An Indian-American Son Joins His Two Worlds

When you head to the theater on Thanksgiving weekend to see The Good Dinosaur, get ready for a treat before it begins. It's an all-new Disney•Pixar short film “Sanjay’s Super Team"!  This moving short film is based on the experience of Director Sanjay Patel as a young boy. While I was at Pixar … [Read more...]

Bringing The Good Dinosaur to Life at Pixar Animation Studios

Last week I told you about the first part of my visit toPixar Animation Studios to to learn all about what it takes to bring The Good Dinosaur to the big screen (which will be happening soon on November 25th). In those presentations from filmmakers we learned about how Arlo and his world were … [Read more...]

The Good Dinosaur Research Trips – Around the Campfire with the Filmmakers

A research trip for an animated film? Is that really necessary?? YES. In fact, after speaking with The Good Dinosaur filmmakers at Pixar Animation Studios last month I realized more than ever how much research is needed to create an amazing film - whether it's live action or animation. During … [Read more...]

A Behind the Scenes Visit to Pixar Animation Studios with The Good Dinosaur #GoodDinoEvent

There's nothing quite like getting a sneak peak at places where magic happens - and that's exactly what it was like visiting Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California a few weeks ago. Creativity flows freely thorough this beautiful 22-acre campus. I was lucky enough to visit the … [Read more...]

INSIDE OUT Printable Holiday Ornaments and Activity Sheet

We're so excited for INSIDE OUT to hit theaters next June, but we have some Inside Out fun for RIGHT NOW with these cute Inside Out Holiday Ornaments and an Inside Out "Spot the Difference" Activity Sheet. To best make the ornaments, print out on heavyweight paper or card stock and then cut them … [Read more...]

There Will Be a TOY STORY 4!!

Ooooooh! This is so exciting! There is going to be a Toy Story 4!! It was just announced today that Pixar Animation Studios is planning a new adventure for Woody, Buzz and the whole gang. It will be coming to the big screen in June 2017. (Bummer that we have to wait two years, but totally worth it - … [Read more...]