A Cat-Filled But Odor-Free Home for the Holidays #CLUMPandSEAL

They holiday season is filled with lots of wonderful smells. There's peppermint, pine needles, gingerbread are just a few that immediately come to mind. Especially when it comes to Christmas cookie baking time, it's a joy to take a big whiff of the amazing aroma and get exited about the season. … [Read more...]

Host a The Secret Life Of Pets Viewing Party – Available on Digital HD Today!

It's finally here! For all of us who loved The Secret Life Of Pets in theaters and for everyone who MISSED it, we can now watch it at home starting today with it available to own on Digital HD! You can download your copy today from iTunes, and it's also available on Google Play, Amazon Video, and … [Read more...]

Making Good Pet Food Choices #BestofBLUE

As we head into the holiday season we are busy planning our Thanksgiving menus and deciding what the family will be eating. How about thinking about what our pets are eating? Our Toby is a big part of our family, so I like to step back every so often to evaluate his food and make sure we are feeding … [Read more...]

German Shepherd Lovers Gift Guide

German Shepherd Lovers Gift Guide I am totally in love with our German Shepherd, Toby. He is such a big 'ol sweetie, but like all German Shepherds he can be fierce when he needs to be. Unfortunately, he thinks he needs to be fierce EVERY SINGLE DAY when the mailman opens our mailbox or the UPS guy … [Read more...]

Keeping a Multi-Cat Household Odor Free #CLUMPandSEAL

There are lots of reasons I love my cats. And actually, I love each of them for different reasons. I love my oldest cat Lucky because she is so little and cute and cuddly but also has a strong personality. She's also super smart. Smart wouldn't be the first word I would use to describe our two … [Read more...]

Hallmark My Best Friends Products Celebrating Dogs and Cats

Whether you have a "real life" dog you love or you (or your kids) WISH for a dog, you will love these new Hallmark My Best Friends adorable plush dogs! We love our Toby and our life just wouldn't be the same without him. While we are lucky to have him in our lives, he was lucky to be rescued from a … [Read more...]

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Curiosity Saved the Cat – Be Part of #Cat2VetDay!

Those of us who have both cats and dogs know that it's a lot easier to bring a dog to the vet than it is to bring a cat! Our dog LOVES to go on a car ride no matter where the ride might take him. Cats are a whole other story! When any of my cats get into the car, they let me know that they would … [Read more...]

Kitten Summer Games – Get Your Cute On!

What's cuter than a kitten? Not much!! That's why I'm so excited about the Kitten Summer Games premiering on the Hallmark Channel Friday August 5th at 8/7c. The most athletic, adorable and adoptable kittens from all across the country have been training in the hopes of bringing home a gold, silver … [Read more...]

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Petco Grooming De-shedding Treatment Makes a Happy Dog and Owner! + Reader Giveaway

#PetcoGrooming #MM In our family, our big sweet baby is our dog, Toby. While strangers coming to the door uninvited are rightfully scared by his ferocious barking and lunging at the door, friends and family who are invited in know that he is the biggest, sweetest and silliest guy there is. And … [Read more...]

Beneful 2016 Dream Dog Park Project + Reader Giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Beneful. All opinions are 100% mine. My Toby LOVES to play. When it comes to choosing between play time and treat time - play wins EVERY time. I'm happy that he loves to play because all that exercise keeps him happy and healthy. While he has … [Read more...]

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