Petco Grooming De-shedding Treatment Makes a Happy Dog and Owner! + Reader Giveaway

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Petco Grooming De-shedding Treatment

In our family, our big sweet baby is our dog, Toby. While strangers coming to the door uninvited are rightfully scared by his ferocious barking and lunging at the door, friends and family who are invited in know that he is the biggest, sweetest and silliest guy there is. And he LOVES to cuddle. His biggest regret is probably that he wasn’t born as a toy breed so he could more easily cuddle up in my lap. I say “more easily” because he DOES cuddle in my lap despite his size.

Toby’s favorite thing to do is play. He isn’t a big fan of treats, but he will play any time someone is up for it. Since we have a small house, it’s a much better idea for him to play outside, which also means a much better chance for him to get dirty. Since German Shepherds tend to get dry skin, they shouldn’t be washed frequently, but they SHOULD be brushed. And they are shedders! No matter how much I brush Toby it seems like the hair keeps coming off.

Petco Grooming

So, last week when I made an appointment for Toby to get a summer bath at Petco Grooming, I decided to also try their De-shedding Treatment. The treatment includes FURminator loose undercoat removal, a natural shed-reducing shampoo and treatment, followed by another thorough FURminator brush-out and aloe hydrating treatment. I was anxious to see the results.

We have a Petco less than a mile from our house (Petco Certified Stylists offer grooming services at more than 1,200 locations) and they do accept walk-ins for their á la carte services like nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing, etc., but I made an appointment for Toby since he was getting a full service treatment.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.52.00 PM

Since he is always up for a car ride, Toby was all on board to head out. However, when we got there and he realized that I was going to leave, my sweet needy baby was NOT happy. Luckily the friendly and professional Petco Certified Stylist did her best to make Toby calm and happy.

Two hours later I headed back to pick up Toby and was greeted by this:

Petco Grooming De-shedding Treatment

I thought he looked SO adorable and had to immediately snap that photo to text to my husband who then had it on Facebook within a matter of minutes. I was amazed at how good his fur felt and as I brought him home I didn’t have fur flying all over my car like I often do. A week later and Toby is still looking great, we have less fur floating around on our hardwood floors and we have made a decision that he will be going back in the future for another De-shedding Treatment at Petco Grooming!

Toby Standing

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  1. I have had several messy pet moments. The worst was when our boxer Dexter got sprayed by a skunk, that was a long night of tomato baths. Its nice to see that Petco has some great groomers that are treating your dog with kindness and compassion.

  2.' Jennifer Rote says:

    My messy pet moments all include our dog and toilet paper. He has anxiety and when ever I leave the house, the toilet paper is shredded all over the living room.

  3.' Margaret Smith says:

    My worst is when our dog got into our kitchen garbage and dragged garbage over our new carpets in our living room.

  4. Toby looks awesome! Luckily I haven’t had any bad pet messes yet

  5.' Cristy Ridey says:

    We have a GoldenDoodle that loves to splash in mudpuddles then run in the house, really could use this!!

  6. almost every day is a messy pet moment with our cat who the vet termed a recreational vomiter

  7.' Janice Wright says:

    I also have a cat who I think intentionally gets sick, mainly for attention. He is in theory allowed into only rooms that are not carpeted, however, that’s not always how it goes in reality.

  8.' Lauren Olivia Wood says:

    My dogs love to chew things and have chewed paint and wallpaper off my walls.

  9.' Donna L says:

    I once gave my dog a bath where upon finishing she ran outside and proceeded to slash and rub herself in the mud.

  10.' Angela Saver says:

    A messy pet comment that I experienced was when my outdoor cat came inside & ended up with diarrhea & went on the carpet! Ugh! It was quite the mess to clean up!

  11.' David Fultner says:

    Bath-day is always the messiest.

  12.' Barbara says:

    I have a cat who’s great at self-grooming, hallelujah. The worst experience I ever had with her was when she had a couple of clumps near her rear that I had to comp out.

    Now my brother…. He went on vacation and dumped his golden retriever on me. His stinky, filthy, matted retriever. Jerk. I took her to the vet because she kept pawing her ears (major yeast infection) and then took her to yep, Petco to have her groomed which she didn’t like because as my niece told me, she doesn’t get baths. *sigh* They had to clip her pretty close because of her condition but I think she was so grateful to have her ears treated and all that hair off, she’s my buddy now.

  13.' Julie Lundstrom says:

    My dog loves to roll in the grass & dirt. She always has fun.

  14.' Barbara Montag says:

    It’s messy when the cats throw up a hairball.
    thank you

  15.' shannon fowler says:

    we have plenty of messy pet moments since we have two dogs and a cat, but the worst is when my fiancé’s dog chews carpet. she gets sick and then there is a hole in the carpet

  16.' Hannah C says:

    My dog loves to get into messes. Most recently I caught her rolling around in poo in the grass.

  17.' David N. says:

    Several years ago I had an Australian Shepherd, Zell. He was about a year old, so still very much a puppy in many ways. He liked getting into a lot of things he wasn’t supposed to, naturally, so I thought I was clever when I had him on a leash attached to me while I was cleaning up my kitchen. Included in this task was throwing out some old flour that had hatched some bugs. I dumped the contents of the canister into the trash and set about washing it at the sink. As soon as I turned off the water I heard a rustling behind me. I turn, and Zell is staring up at me, horrified, his muzzle coated in white and the floor in front of him as well. He smacked his lips, looking absolutely disgusted. It was so funny. I’ll never forget that look even though I no longer have him.

  18.' Julie Wood says:

    My dog likes to chew things, and I got up to go to the bathroom and I came back and he chewed my glasses. I am so mad. Next time I will make sure not to let anything where he can get to it!

  19.' Laura O. says:

    My dog doesn’t like me to give him a bath so going to a groomer is so much easier! Toby looks adorable!

  20.' Tari Lawson says:

    My dog got into a bag of M & M’s and vomited all over my new beige carpet.

  21.' Mary Beth Elderton says:

    We have two cats, Lieutenant Doof and Miss Kitty, who are fascinated by anything going on in the kitchen. Recently I left a batch of rolls rising on the counter and returned to find Doff laid across the towel, squashing the rolls. I guess it’
    s not a really messy moment—like when he knocked Hubz’ coffee off the night stand–but it was frustrating.

  22.' Angela Kinder says:

    My cat, Cheeto, is prone to hairballs. One night while I was sleeping, she decided to get rid of her hairball right in front of my bed. Imagine my surprise when my feet hit the floor that morning!

  23.' Stephanie Phelps says:

    A messy pet moment for us when we were dog sitting and it was a fairly large dog and was making a pizza and walked away and left ot on the counter and well this sweet little thing lol wanted some of our pizza and preceded to drag it off the counter onto the floor needless to say it was everywhere!

  24. A messy moment would be trying to bath our two dogs outside in a kiddie pool hahaha it didn’t turn out so good, but atleast they got cleaned.

  25. I have 3 cats and their are always hairballs and cats over eating and getting sick

  26.' Theresa Lichauco says:

    Lost 2 year old in orange grove. Three days later he came home as dirty, tick covered, and with sore paws.

  27.' Mary Cloud says:

    I have two Chihuahua puppies and they create plenty of messes. They love to tear up every bed, toy and whatever else they can get a hold of.

  28.' Cynthia C says:

    My cat is messy with her litter box. She kicks the litter all over the place.

  29.' Chrystal D says:

    Nothing worse that the puppy getting into am empty peanut butter jar…he’s been carrying it around the past week!

  30.' Holly Thomas says:

    Long haired cat = furballs!! ewwww!!

  31.' Richard Hicks says:

    One of our cats have a habit where they like to destroy our toilet paper roll!

  32.' heather s says:

    Cat hair on the floor and it piles up in the corners

  33.' Denise S says:

    I have black cat hair all over and sometimes dog puke on the floor.

  34.' mickeyfan says:

    Fortunately, our Aussie isn’t the mess. The cat who is a puker takes care of that department!

  35.' Karen D says:

    I have four cats. They all do normal cat things, so….yeah.

  36.' Laurie Nykaza says:

    We have 3 rescue dogs and 4 cats . I could really use this my long haired cat needs grooming she is 19 years old.

  37.' Natalie says:

    My last dog once got into a whole bag of cheetos and made a huge mess all over the floor.

  38.' Kim Niland says:

    I was carrying the litter box upstairs because a new dog was coming to visit and we put the cats upstairs. One of the cats came down the steps and bumped into me. I dropped the litter box. What a mess all on the stairs!

  39.' Ashley C says:

    I had no idea Petco did this! We also have a german shepherd who shes SO badly. I try to brush her as frequently as possible but the hair is never ending. I really think I may need to try this! Especially in the spring when she seems to shed her winter coat!

  40. Our worst messy pet moment was actually bringing out dog home from the shelter – smelled strongly of urine and general shelter stink. We had to take him straight to the groomers and then clean our car thoroughly.

  41.' chris z says:

    when my dog comes in after it rains and shes muddy

  42.' Jennifer M. says:

    My dog chews up my daughter’s toys she leaves on the ground and then she cries. I think she will soon learn not to leave her stuff lying around.

  43.' Betty B. says:

    We just went through the worst shedding season with our siberian husky. It was so bad i called our living room the wild west there was tumbleweeds of dog hair rolling around.

  44. Awwww Toby is so handsome! My cats always have messy moments when they use the litter box and track litter everywhere!

  45.' steve weber says:

    My dog thinks its funny to go and poop in the basement when I’m at work.. not the first thing I want to come home to every day.

  46.' Angelica says:

    I have many a messy pet moment. The worst one is quite the repeat offense. My pup gets carsick, it’s always a joy to clean up puppy vomit… especially when it’s landed all over you.

  47.' paige chandler says:

    My sweet pug sheds so much sometimes it feels like a snow storm. Nothing seems to help. UGH



  49.' doug gerard says:


  50.' Debbie F says:

    My messy pet moments are when my cat throws up.
    It’s a big deal because I make his food and it’s main ingredient is raw chicken.
    So that has to be cleaned up really really well.
    Luckily he rarely throws up besides the occasional hair ball. 🙂

  51.' Cindy Peterson says:

    Messy Pet? We went camping with our white, long haired dog. I will just say I now how a gray dog with ornamental burrs and stickers.

  52.' Justin Sparks says:

    Everyday at the animal shelter I work at but I wouldnt trade it for the world. Which I would also use this gift card to donate for stuff for all the animals up there.

  53.' Denise B. says:

    Cleaning up all the puppy piddles and poos.

  54. I was in the woods with my dog and my kids. We found a turtle that was upside down. When my daughter picked it up, the turtle had died and the contents of the shell spilled out in a putrid puddle. While there, my dog decided to roll on the ground in that putrid dead turtle puddle. It was disgusting, almost as bad as a skunk spray when trying to get the smell out.

  55.' Cynthia Mercado says:

    Our dog, Duncan, poops everytime he is afraid of something or someone. So we have a lot of poop clean ups

  56.' Carly D. says:

    Cooper (my yellow lab) is currently outside in the rain, playing in the mud!

  57.' Laurajj says:

    Oh I have to say my messy moments are right now! We put down some new grass…and have to water a couple times a day. oh…the mud! I have muddy paws…and our Bella girl loves to lay in the mud. 🙂 Going to be a muddy summer! 🙂

  58. Food all over the floor.

  59. dog hair all over the carpet

  60. When our two dogs ate something that caused them to get sick everywhere , even on my bed. It was awful.

  61.' Karla R. says:

    We got a new mattress not too long ago and our dog (who rarely has accidents) decided to pee right in the middle of the bed a week after we bought it! 🙁

  62.' Allison Swain says:

    Everyday is a messy pet moment with my parrot! She usually gets paper and wood all over from her toys as well as food droppings.

    Thanks for the chance to win this 🙂

  63.' Brittney House says:

    My dog was just sick last week and unfortunately she was leaving a mess everywhere. I’m so happy she’s feeling better because she is much for cheerful and lively.

  64.' Theresa A. says:

    My dog just sheds an awful lot, the worst dog we ever had for shedding – other than that he is perfect!

  65.' Tiffany S says:

    My messy pet moment is when my cat threw up on the floor and I didn’t know it and I stepped right in it.

  66.' Janet Hayes says:

    OMG. My bro left his dog w/us for 2 weeks. He could only eat dry dog food. He got into our dogs Turkey bits and then my hubby took them to the river to run. Cole got diarhhea and ended up w/it all over his rear area and sticks were stuck in it. Unfortunately my brother came home at that time before we could clean him up. OMG. He was OK w/that. He was happy that Cole was going to the river and beaver dam and dropped him off at groomers on way home.

  67.' Cindy Loo says:

    My two cats could use some serious grooming! Their hair is all over the house!!!

  68.' Hollie Jahnke says:

    The day before my sisters wedding my Mom’s dog got sprayed by a skunk. Even worse, my sisters dress was in her house. It was the biggest mess ever! 😉

  69. Cleaned out my sister’s house and her dog peed all over the carpet and raised his leg on the doors enough times that the stained finish was coming off. Not a well-trained dog. She joked that he flunked obedience school.

  70.' Rachael Burch says:

    my large dog had explosive diarrhea all over his sleeping area and I had to clean it up myself at 8 months pregnant.

  71.' Claudia says:

    YoYo my little Min- Pin finding something super stinky in the yard , rolling in it and then jumping in my bed 😮

  72.' heather says:

    A messy pet moment is when the dog got into the flour and it was all over the kitchen and the dog.

  73.' Amanda Emily says:

    Messy pet…haha. A pack of siberian huskies when winter ends means lots and lots of fur (I swear I could make another dog from the fur shed)

  74.' Jill Rivera says:

    My messy dog learn to step on the trash can to get in the trash. My brother place eaten wing the trash can. Nirvana watch my brother. She got in the trash. He went in the kitchen to get a drink and yelled at her knocking over the trash can. She ran in the livingroom where more chicken wing were on his place. She ate them also. My smart Bernese Mountain Dog.

  75.' Birdiebee says:

    My dog went out at midnight through the doggie door and was sprayed by a skunk. My dog killed the skunk and ran back into the house through the dog door. I jumped into the shower with him to clean him up; clothes and all.

  76.' Michele Baron says:

    My messy dog moment was when my dog decided she wanted to chase the bird and romped around our newly dug garden…dirt and seeds everywhere

  77.' Cynthia R says:

    at the old apartment, my cat was jumping around and he accidentally jumped into on of those hanging bug catching sticky things, it clung on to his fur, making him panic and run around the apartment so scared. I had to cut it off.

  78.' Heather! says:

    Many years ago my dog found a bag of Valentine’s chocolates and ate every single one. Her vet said to give a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and wait for her to vomit. I did, and she didn’t. He said to try it again. I did and she didn’t. Finally I figured she just wasn’t going to get sick, so I cleaned up all the newspapers I had put down to catch the mess. Almost immediately after I picked up the papers…yep. One pound of chocolatey dog vomit, all over the floor. It was HORRIBLE.

  79. Cute dog! Fortunately I haven’t had any bad pet messes!

  80.' Julie Waldron says:

    My daughters cat peed on our bed, we had to end up buying a new mattress pad.

  81.' Holly Hanna says:

    Our cats are always throwing up on the carpet – yuck!

  82.' Christina Sparks says:

    The week before last my vacuum stopped working so I went a whole week without a vacuum cleaner and I have two dogs that shed a bunch and we were also watching my brother in laws two dogs, so my house was a hairy mess.

  83.' crystle tellerday says:

    when its the female time of the month and your pug gets into the bathroom garbage cause you forget to close the door

  84.' Laura Schrillo says:

    mud mud mud-everytime it rains my dog loves a mud puddle

  85.' Chris Martinez says:

    My shihtzu doesn’t shed…but what she does do is dig up our sandbox. All that long fur plus sand means the vaccuuming at our house is never done.

  86.' Sarah Mayer says:

    My dog poops in the basement and thinks it’s hilarious… super messy

  87. Taffy was a slobberer.

  88.' Nicole GW says:

    Our cat used to drag chicken wings out of the garbage and leave them all over the house!

  89.' Tina reynolds says:

    Two siberian Huskies. Every day is a messy shedding crazy but fun filled day

  90.' latisha depoortere says:

    I have 3 cats and they always have to get sick on the carpet never the floor 🙂

  91. HD.MD313@YAHOO.COM' Heather D says:

    I was a teenager during Thanksgiving one year and we had an awesome Husky named Shiloh. He got hungry and stole the entire turkey from the table. My mom was mad but I found it hilarious.

  92. Well…when we first got our sweet little “Billy”, they told us he preferred to be in a kennel when he was home alone, as he had separation anxiety. We had never used a kennel with any of our other dogs, but if this is what he liked, then that is what we’ll get for him. So, we put a nice fluffy dog bed inside the kennel, with a water bowl, toys, and of course treats. I got him all settled before I left for work and he seemed just fine, although I felt guilty, as I’m not one for kennels, but whatever. So, after I got done working my part-time job I hurried home, and as I opened the front door, I was greeted by “HOUDINI”. I was like, how in the heck did you get out of that kennel, and when I went into the spare bedroom, there was stuffing all over the room, as he ripped up the dog bed. As I looked at him, he gave me this look like, “Hey, I don’t need to be locked up, I’m a good boy”. I just stood there and chuckled, as the little piece of cotton was hanging off of his lip, it was a classic memory…no more kennels for “Billy”…and he has never gotten into any trouble since. He is the BEST…we just love and adore our little “Billy”.

  93.' Stacey Roberson says:

    I just have a messy, dirty dog who doesn’t like to be clean. Every time I give him a bath, he thanks me by rolling around in the grass…or mud, if it’s been raining.

  94.' Corey Olomon says:

    My messy memory was when my late cat got old and lost control of her bladder and bowels.

  95. Thor’s messy moments are often related to our cat Miu, Thor thinks that Miu is a dog and is always playing hard with him.

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