5 Ways to Celebrate Your Cat’s Adoption Anniversary

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Each of the 6 cats I have had in my adult life have been rescues. Surprisingly, none of them have come from a shelter but from more round-about means – both strays and kittens from friends and neighbors who found their cats “in a family way.” (Please get your cats spayed and neutered!) Each of our cats have brought us so much joy, love and laughter.

Do you have rescue cats? Adding a new cat to the family is a cause for celebration and commemorating that adoption day with an Adoption Anniversary calls for a celebration as well! Next week marks 3 years that brother and sister Sammy and Cleo have been with us, so it got me thinking of a few great ways to celebrate their adoption anniversary.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Cat’s Adoption Anniversary



New Toys – Keep them Busy!

What is a celebration without gifts for the guest(s) of honor? All of my cats like to play, but each to different extents and with different types of toys. Sammy and Lucky (who is hard to please with toys) both love this toy that looks like a fox tail going in and out of its hideaway. Basically any type of toy that lets them “go on the hunt” is a hit.

Duck Fabric Cat Box 2

Homemade Gifts – A DIY Cozy Kitty Nap Box

Even more than playing, cats like to SLEEP! You can make that even better by giving them the gift of a warm, soft, cozy place to snuggle in. My cats love their soft, circular cat beds, baskets with a pillow and blanket thrown inside or just an ordinary cardboard box. If you want to make them something special (and don’t like the look of a plain old brown cardboard box in your living room), you can decorate a cardboard box for your cat with colorful tape to make a cozy kitty nap box. My cats are also more than happy with a gift of my old hair scrunchies or anything else they can bat around the room.

Sammy Cleo (1)

The Ultimate Gift – A Cat Tree

If you want to go big with your adoption anniversary gift, get a cat tree! I have to admit that I am not a fan of a big cat tree taking up the corner of my living room, but my cats love it SO MUCH that we won’t go without. They love to perch on the very top of the tree to curl up and take a nap or to spend time peaking out the front window and watching the birds. With multiple cats a tree also offers enough space that everyone can get a place to claim as their own, although mine sometimes like to snuggle together.


Party Favors – Let Everyone Celebrate

Any good party has party favors! You can’t leave out the pets who aren’t the guest of honor! Small cat toys like balls with bells inside or feathers attached are perfect for this. It’s no wonder they sell these little toys in packages of 6 or more – they’re always getting lost! Actually, I think it’s more that the cats are finding good hiding places for them. Sammy especially likes to hide his toys in our shoes.


Food – Meow Mix Simple Servings

The one MUST for any party is food. My cats LOVE wet food and are NOT good about sharing it with each other, so individual servings are a must. I went to Walmart to buy the new Meow Mix Simple Servings. I bought both the Meow Mix Simple Servings with Real Tuna, Shrimp & Whitefish in Sauce and the Simple Servings with Real Chicken and Turkey in Gravy flavors. Meow Mix Simple Servings is perfect for an adoption anniversary party and EVERY day. My cats LOVE this delicious, pre-portioned wet food with real seafood or poultry. I love that it offers a single serving in every cup, so each cat gets his or her own dish. It also means that there is no mess and no leftovers. It’s super simple and convenient! Find out more HERE.

Tell us about YOUR rescue cats! How did they come to be a part of your family? How do you show them they’re special?

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Cat's Adoption Anniversary
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  1. These are all super cute ideas. I love the idea of a homemade nap box!!

  2. We all help out at a rescue so I love that you have all these rescue cats. They are so cute and that tree is so cool. It is probably hard to find healthy food that they like and eat so this one is so important to find and use.

  3. OMG, your cats are so cute! I just love them. They are a perfect example of why adoption is so great!

  4. These are such cute ideas! We’ll have to put together a little celebration with some gifts and treats.

  5. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    Your cats are so adorable! We have four rescues right now and they are not great about sharing their food either! They all have their own corner to eat treats.

  6. What lovely ways to show your cat you care on the adoption anniversary date! Little treats would be well received, I am sure!

  7. This is so cute! What about pictures and videos of him on Instagram and Facebook!

  8. Spoiling them would be a great way to celebrate that special day! I honestly miss having cats around, but my dog Riley is not very in tune with the idea. These are awesome tips!

  9. My cats love Meow Mix. I just love listening to their “purr of contentment” after every meal. One of my cats’ adoption anniversary is two months from now. I will probably get her a cat tree that she can share with my other cats.

  10. These are all such cute ideas. We love celebrating our fur children’s adoption day or birthday.

  11. LOL, I feel like my brother gets his cats toys all the time! We love celebrating their little days as they have become such an important part of our lives.

  12. What beautiful cats you have! I have 3 and they are strays come to me from roundabout ways as well.

  13. Darcy Koch says:

    I would gladly do any of these for my cat if he were still with me. I always pampered him.

  14. My cat loves cardboard boxes to sleep in or even just a piece of cardboard to sit on. It’s hard to find toys for my cat that it will actually play with. My cat really loves getting its hair brushed, so I buy a new pet brush every so often instead of toys that they won’t play with.

  15. My Merlin’s Adopta-versary is tomorrow, November 9th. He’s getting his favorite spring-y toys and a cardboard cozy nap box, and some treats to share with his sister, Cleopatra. And special brushing time, because he loves that. Four years together – with the most wonderful, amazing cat ever. My mission is to spoil him in every possible way – I’m so glad he came home! And Darcy: keep the faith. Merlin is definitely the reincarnation of my Merle, and he knows it (naturally). Took him a while, but he came back!

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