Cats Keep Things Interesting

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Cats keep things interesting. ALWAYS! Well, I can’t speak for everyone’s cats, but mine always do. How about your cats? Whether it’s making me laugh, making me get the “warm fuzzies” when they are super sweet, or making me want to pull my hair out when they get mischievous…. it’s always interesting!

Our three cats, Lucky, Sammy and Cleo are our big babies. Each of those babies has their own distinct personality and shows us their love in different ways. Lucky, our oldest cat is the princess in the family. She’s a bit less active than the younger cats, but has strong opinions about everything and lets us know them! She has quite a routine and is the cat to always want to snuggle next to me when I read before bed at night.

Sammy is the family clown. He is always getting into trouble which makes us want to laugh half the time and makes us want to scream the other half of the time. He loves to move objects from one part of the house to another so if I’m ever missing something small like a hairtie or a pen cap, I need to go look in Sammy’s hiding places. He also likes to play with our German Shepherd, Toby. Sammy will egg Toby on by lying on his back and wiggling his paws in the air trying to get Toby to “attack” him. They will play around like that until Sammy’s whole head is wet from dog slobber as Toby likes to grab Sammy’s whole head in his mouth! Sammy and Toby need each other to keep their lives interesting.

Our cat Cleo is the lover in the family. She loves everyone and always wants to snuggle. She always wants to curl up on my lap if I’m watching TV, will cuddle up on the bed (when Lucky isn’t taking her turn, that is), snuggle with her brother Sammy for afternoon naps, or curl up next to the dog Toby on his dog bed. It’s apparent how much she loves the dog because if he has been gone at the dog sitter’s when we are on vacation, she constantly pesters him until he is willing to just lie down and let her cuddle next to him.

Since my cats keep my life interesting, I like to keep theirs interesting too! They love toys, especially toys that add extra action! They like what I call “peek-a-boo” toys where a ball, toy mouse, etc. will hide inside a toy and they need to figure out a way to either make it move or get it out. My Sammy also especially likes lasers! His newest toy randomly shoots a beam around the room for 15 minutes at a time. It’s fun to watch him try to figure out where it is going next.

I also like to keep things interesting for them by letting them try new foods and treats. This week I headed to Walmart to pick up 9Lives Protein Plus. It’s made with wholesome, tasty ingredients and the flavors of chicken and tuna that my cats love, just like Morris the cat does! It offers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats with antioxidants for healthy immune support. 9Lives Protein Plus is packed with 33 grams of high quality protein (per 100g of food) to help support lean muscles and provide energy. My cats need that energy when they are running around chasing after those toys!

When you’re ready to buy 9Live Protein Plus for YOUR cat, head to Walmart where you can use Ibotta to earn $1 when purchasing 9Lives Protein Plus from Walmart. If you’re not already an Ibotta user, it’s quick and easy to install and set-up on your smartphone.

How do you and your cats keep each other’s lives interesting?

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  1. Hannah C says:

    Your cat sure is beautiful. My cat always kept me entertained when he would play and run around the house.

  2. I love cats. I wish we could have a cat, but our two dogs are too rough. They play too hard for a kitty to be happy. Your cats are gorgeous!

  3. Your cats are beautiful. Cats definitely keep things interesting. They have some major acrobatic skills.

  4. I miss having a cat. Need to visit the shelter and find one that needs a good home.

  5. shelly peterson says:

    I have not had a cat in a long time because they aren’t aloud where I live but I sure loved having them.

  6. Julie Wood says:

    I use this cat food and my cat loves it and it is not expensive. Cats do make life interesting and they are cute funny creatures!

  7. Cynthia R says:

    I have three cats they are all weird and interesting but in different ways. I have one that yowls and carries socks up and down the stairs. I have another one that taps my water glass because she either is going to steal mine or she wants her own ice water. I have another one that when I laugh high pitch like she jumps up and meows in the same pitch.

  8. 9 lives is a great option. Our cats won’t eat it because they are crazy picky but my old cat used to love it.

  9. Catherine Sargent says:

    This looks like a great cat food. I don’t have pets, but I love hearing all the crazy stories from my friend that has two kittens.

  10. Cats sure are a lot of fun! I am always cracking up at the antics my in-laws cats get into. And, they do get fed 9 Lives and seem to love it!

  11. We have two cats, one is mine and the other one is my daughter’s! We love them to pieces and we make sure we show them that too. They are very entertaining, especially with their antics! I think it’s awesome that you found a food that will keep them healthy and nourished!

  12. It’s always nice to find a food that’s complete with what our fur babies need daily. This brand is definitely reliable! My cat brings so much joy in our home and he deserves the best!

  13. This is a great option of food to give our pets! I used to have a cat and still miss having one. They are so cute – I love that you describe yours as the family clown! So cute!

  14. We don’t have a cat but we are planning to adopt one soon! I think they really do make things interesting! 😀

  15. Cats do keep things interesting! We were cat sitting my granddaughter’s cat for a couple of weeks and he’s a lot younger than our cat. It was definitely fun to have him here. We miss him! Glad to see 9lives in your post. Love that brand!

  16. We have two cats and a dog. They get along pretty well and I guess they do respect their own food. The cats stay away from dog food and the same goes with my dog who turns away from the cats’ feeding bowls. You cats are beautiful and they do seem to like their food a lot. I am going to try feeding my cats 9Lives too.

  17. What a beautiful cat you have! My kids would love to get one as a pet!

  18. I think 9Lives is a good choice for catfood. I have two cats myself and sometimes they can be a handful, but I don’t mind because they are so cute.

  19. Perfect timing! My cat is all out of catfood so I have to go out and get some. I will up a bag at Walmart and use the Ibotta app so I can earn $1 on my purchase. Awesome!

  20. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Thank you for your honest review of 9Lives. I think this is just the kind of cat food my kitty cats would eat. They can be picky sometimes but I think they won’t have any issues with 9Lives.

  21. James Robert says:

    My mom would be saying she wants cats just like these if she saw this post. She wants long haired cats real bad. We have 2 here but they are short haired. We like many of the 9 lives products

  22. Ellen Scott says:

    You remind me about my childhood, i used to have one cat when i was a child and i feed it, it sleep next to me, i even did not need my doll anymore.

  23. My cat could always make me laugh. Miss her.

  24. Lisa Queen says:

    You have beautiful cats. My daughter uses 9 lives for her her two cats. They are a mess too!

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