I Found the Best Fish Oil for Cats

Finding a fish oil supplement for cats is hard! I have seriously tried about 10 different types of fish oil for cats and my cats have turned their nose up at all of them! My dog is easy. If it is in a treat form he will eat just about anything. The cats are different!

I have bought what looks like moist, tasty treats – thinking that the cats will love them and WRONG! The treats just sit there, uneaten, until the dog lucks out and ends up with the treat for himself.

Benefits of Fish Oil for Cats

There are lots of reasons that fish oil is good for cats. Its Omega 3 fatty acids are an anti-inflammatory – the number one benefit of fish oil. which helps with any conditions that cause inflammation in the body. That means it can protect organs like the heart and kidneys. It can be a help for arthritic joints, which can provide some relief for achey cats.

The number one reason I supplement my cat Sammy’s diet with fish oil is to aid with his dry skin and coat. He has long hair and when his skin and hair are dry his fur tends to mat much more. (I don’t know why that is, but it happens!) As a fat supplement, fish oil can reduce his itchy skin and dandruff and also make his coat momre shiny and healthy. It also reduces shedding (which can be a benefit if your cat experiences frequent hairballs).

An additional benefit is to help with brain health (and development in young cats) and with vision. There have also been many studies about possible benefits such as protection from strokes and heart attacks.

The Best Fish Oil for Cats

In my quest to find the best fish oil for my cats, I have tried many different types of fish oil treats. When they didn’t eat them I tried mixing them with their food and that still didn’t work. I tried a pump bottle of fish oil to pour on top of their food and that was also a no go. Nothing has actually been good enough for them to decide to actually consume it.

Fish Oil for Cats

UNTIL NOW! I finally found something that the cats will eat. I have no idea WHY they like WELACTIN Feline, but they do! The specific name of the product I purchased on Amazon is Nutramax Welactin Feline Soft Gel Caps. It comes in a bottle of 60 softgel capsules, each containing a minimum of 250 mg total Omega-3 fatty acids derived from cold-water fish. They also have 125mg of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and 85 mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

One benefit for ME is that the Welactin gel caps are super easy to use. You just twist or cut off one end of the capsule and pour it on your cats food. But then the miracle part is that Sammy will actually EAT IT! It’s a very small capsule and just the right amount of fish oil for a serving. He gets one a day with his morning meal and then we’re done. So easy!

Nutramax Welactin Feline Soft Gel Caps Instructions

I can really see the benefits of the fish oil when he stops taking it. We had to go out of town for two weeks and I forgot to tell my family taking care of the cats about the fish oil. After that time I saw a big difference that Sammy’s skin and fur started to get more dry again. That let me know that the fish oil gel caps are doing their job and I’ll continue to use them.

You can find and order the Welactin Feline Soft Gel Caps here.

Fish Oil Benefits for Cats

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  1. This is good to know! We have a cat that needs this, too. Thanks!

  2. I never thought of giving my cats supplements. Will look into this for our Winston.

  3. I take fish oil myself, but never thought about whether or not they’d be good for our pets. Wonder if mine would suffice?!

  4. lisalisa says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, my oldest daughter has a beautiful cat and I’m not sure if she has ever given her furry fellow fish oil. I do know she do give him supplements but, I am going to send her this link right now so she can about the benefits of her cat taking fish oil!

  5. Man, we just got a cat recently (mom son saved her from a tree) and I had no idea they needed fish oil. I’m learning all sorts of things about cats. Thanks!

  6. shelly peterson says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I dont have a cat. I will pass this on to my daughter, she has a cat.

  7. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I never thought about giving my cats supplements. I think I need to try this!

  8. I never knew this!! My cat is a long haired calico. She used to have hair balls a lot until we gave her vitamins that also is to stop hairballs. I have used Fish Oil for my ailments. Mocha started itching a little more lately so we’ve brushed her and bathed her more with a shampoo that has moisturizers in it. This is pin worthy. I am going to try this. I want my baby to be and stay healthy!! Thank you for sharing!

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