DIY Headlight Restoration for Under $30

Headlight restoration is taking an old hazy headlight and making it look like new again. Over time the plastic housing on our headlights turn yellow and it affects the look, safety, and value of the car. This post about DIY Headlight Restoration for Under $30 will give you everything you need to … [Read more...]

5 Simple DIY Easter Baskets

Easter baskets don’t have to be difficult, and they don’t have to lack creativity. Work smarter not harder! With these 5 simple DIY Easter baskets, you can be creative while enjoying their simplicity.   5 Simple DIY Easter Baskets   Make an Edible Arrangement Basket: There is no … [Read more...]

Easter Pillow Box Printable

Who is excited for Easter?? I know I am! Not only is a fun and meaningful holiday, it is also a signal of spring. The weather is getting warmer (although here in Minnesota we have been known to have snow on Easter), we can anticipate spring flowers, and we can all enjoy a day filled with bunnies, … [Read more...]

DIY Take One, Leave One Jar for a Good Cause

#GiveExtraGetExtra #Target #CollectiveBias If you're an avid gum chewer and work in an office or other group setting, you're probably used to people often approaching you asking for a stick of gum. Of course, as nice people we're ready to share, but when the same people keep asking day after … [Read more...]

Getting Started With DIY? You Need These Essential Tools

Fantasize about making the perfect home entertainment cabinets? Wish you could build a picnic table for your backyard? Ever see something at the store and thought: I could make that! No need to worry about being a beginner — anyone can become a DIY'er with the amount of how-to’s and posts on the … [Read more...]

Easy Chapstick Gift Idea with Printable Cards

Looking for a useful gift for classmates, co-workers and friends that has a special DIY touch? You can't get much easier than these! This easy Chapstick gift idea with printable cards takes just a few minutes to put together and includes something everyone can use in the winter months - lip balm! … [Read more...]

Gift a Redbox Movie Night with Gift Tags and a Mexican Hot Chocolate Popcorn Sprinkle Recipe

Is your gift list filled with lots of people like neighbors, classroom aides, coaches, cousins, babysitters, bus drivers, and others you want to remember with a gift for the holidays - but aren't sure what to get? We always want to acknowledge these people and than them for their service or their … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget the Batteries Take-Out Gift Boxes DIY

#PowerYourHoliday #CollectiveBias On Christmas morning the chance of at least one battery-operated toy or gift being under every Christmas tree is very high! Of course there are always the kids' toys that require batteries for the fun, but we also have lots of adult gadgets and gizmos that use … [Read more...]

DIY Cupcake Pedestal Serving Plate

#HoneyForHolidays #CollectiveBias When I was growing up, our parish priest kept bees. He was a very self-sufficient guy and did a lot of handy things like growing his own vegetables, doing repairs around the church, etc., but I always thought the coolest one was the beekeeping. My parents both … [Read more...]

DIY Coffee Bath Scrub Recipe

We all know a hot cup of coffee can wake us up in the morning, but so can this DIY Coffee Bath Scrub recipe! It makes a great-smelling, rejuvenating scrub. The coconut oil makes it nice and moisturizing. Once you make it you just have to decide whether you will use yourself or package in a pretty … [Read more...]

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