DIY Nail Polish Marbled Mugs Craft

Disclosure AffiliateThis DIY Nail Polish Marbled Mugs Craft is fun and easy to make to decorate your own kitchen or make as a Mother's Day or Easter gift!

What we love about this DIY Nail Polish Marbled Mugs Craft is that it is fun AND easy to do and makes a functional item that you can use to add some color to your own kitchen or give as a gift. It’s also fitting for holidays! It’s a great fit for Easter since it looks a bit like a decorated Easter egg and it also makes a beautiful Mother’s Day gift! You can add some flavored teas or a yummy flavor of coffee beans to make Mom happy!

The main supplies needed are a ceramic mug, which you can pick up at a dollar store, and nail polish. We chose Julep nail polish. They have so many bright, beautiful colors. The other tip is that you should use an old bowl or bucket that you don’t mind ruining because you may end up with some residual polish on it. When you’re picking up mugs at the dollar store, you could also pick up a bowl there for $1.

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Mugs Supplies

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Mugs Craft


Ceramic Mug
Large Bowl or Small Bucket (An old or disposable one is a good idea!)
Nail Polish in 2 Colors
Warm Water
Wax Paper

DIY Marble Mugs with Nail Polish Process


  1. Fill the bowl or bucket with warm water.
  2. Slowly pour in the first color of nail polish.  Pour it close to the water’s edge to avoid the drops sinking to the bottom.
  3. Add the second color of polish the same way.
  4. Use a toothpick and swirl the colors together.
  5. Dip the mug at an angle into the water.  Don’t submerge the mug (you don’t want the color inside.)  The polish should cling to it.  
  6. Set the mug upside down on the wax paper to dry.  

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Mugs Process

You can have lots of fun experimenting with different colors! You can make a whole set of mugs in matching colors or make a whole rainbow of mug colors. We have only tried this with a white mug, but if you use strong, bright colors you could also experiment with starting with other light colored mugs – anything pastel should work!



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  1. Such a great idea! Ordinary mugs turned stylish!

  2. These are so pretty! I love the colors!

  3. Melissa S says:

    These look fantastic. I am going to have to try this with a few boring, white mugs I have.

  4. Cool idea! Such beautiful color choices, too! This could be a fun project to do with my grand daughter.

  5. I love how these turned out! What a fun and creative craft.

  6. Such a cool idea! I love the colors you picked.

  7. That is interesting. More eye catching then plain white!

  8. Jacqui Odell says:

    This is so cute! I would love to do it with my daughter. I think she would enjoy it.

  9. I love this idea! I have so many boring mugs to play with now. 🙂

  10. I’d have to pick up nail polish at the dollar store too since I don’t polish my nails. Easy, fun and good looking.

  11. Your mug came out beautifully! Thanks for sharing it at Motivation Monday at Mom Home Guide! It’s been chosen as a favorite this week!

  12. The marbled effect on the mug is lovely! I’ll have to try this out with my nail polishes.

  13. Julie Wood says:

    These cups are so cool! I like them a lot and want to make them soon. My daughter and I will be making these!

  14. I love this idea and my son and I tried it but it came out a disaster! Yours is much more beautiful that ours was.

  15. Sophia Kudriavtsev says:

    They look awesome! Are they dishwasher safe? or would I need to cover them with modge podge afterwards?

  16. So pretty! I always wondered if it actually works!! Will be trying this out in the future!

  17. Tracy Ferguson says:

    Amazing idea and creativity … Thanks for sharing !!!


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