Easy Chapstick Gift Idea with Printable Cards

Looking for a useful gift for classmates, co-workers and friends that has a special DIY touch? You can't get much easier than these! This easy Chapstick gift idea with printable cards takes just a few minutes to put together and includes something everyone can use in the winter months - lip … [Read more...]

Mexican Hot Chocolate Popcorn Sprinkle Recipe with Printable Gift Tags

Is your gift list filled with lots of people like neighbors, classroom aides, coaches, cousins, babysitters, bus drivers, and others you want to remember with a gift for the holidays - but aren't sure what to get? We always want to acknowledge these people and than them for their service or their … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget the Batteries Take-Out Gift Boxes DIY

#PowerYourHoliday #CollectiveBias On Christmas morning the chance of at least one battery-operated toy or gift being under every Christmas tree is very high! Of course there are always the kids' toys that require batteries for the fun, but we also have lots of adult gadgets and gizmos that use … [Read more...]

DIY Cupcake Pedestal Serving Plate

#HoneyForHolidays #CollectiveBias When I was growing up, our parish priest kept bees. He was a very self-sufficient guy and did a lot of handy things like growing his own vegetables, doing repairs around the church, etc., but I always thought the coolest one was the beekeeping. My parents both … [Read more...]

DIY Coffee Bath Scrub Recipe

We all know a hot cup of coffee can wake us up in the morning, but so can this DIY Coffee Bath Scrub recipe! It makes a great-smelling, rejuvenating scrub. The coconut oil makes it nice and moisturizing. Once you make it you just have to decide whether you will use yourself or package in a pretty … [Read more...]

5 Creative Ways to Use Crates in Your Home

You might think crates are only useful for carrying bulk items, but when you’re in a creative mindset, it’s easy to use them in effective ways around the house, saving you money and giving your décor an appealing twist. Keep reading to learn about five ways you can rely on crates as practical and … [Read more...]

25 Homemade Beauty Products For Mother’s Day

Making mom feel special this year is easy with one of these 25 Homemade Beauty Products For Mother's Day. Not only will you leave her skin feeling luxurious, you'll be able to create these great items on a budget. That means you'll be able to craft more than one item easily to give her a spectacular … [Read more...]

DIY Wooden Laundry Hamper Makeover

#LongLastingScent #CollectiveBias I am NOT a fan of doing laundry. I am a BIG fan of having nice, clean, fresh-smelling clothing and linens, but it's just the DOING LAUNDRY part that I don't like. So, I find that if I make improvements in the way I handle the laundry or the tools I use in doing it, … [Read more...]

DIY Map Lamp Makeover

#SleepAligned #ad #CollectiveBias Even though it is the room that is the least seen, our bedroom is the room in our house where I have put the most effort when it comes to decorating. It's where I spend (or at least try to spend) 7-8 hours per day sleeping, plus that all-important winding down … [Read more...]

8 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Find in Your Home

Halloween has become so expensive these days and it's nice to go back to the way it used to be and make your own DIY Halloween costumes with things you can find in your own home! With a little creativity and some time you can throw together a really cute outfit for your kids. The memory of making … [Read more...]