5 Simple DIY Easter Baskets

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Easter baskets don’t have to be difficult, and they don’t have to lack creativity. Work smarter not harder! With these 5 simple DIY Easter baskets, you can be creative while enjoying their simplicity.


5 Simple DIY Easter Baskets


  • Make an Edible Arrangement Basket: There is no need to be super creative to come up with an edible arrangement basket. You can use skewer sticks, a foam circle or block and some candy. Get some PEEPS chicks,PEEPS eggs, andPEEPS bunnies for this craft. Simply stick a variety of peeps on your skewer sticks and poke them into your foam block. Cover your foam block with chocolate eggs, grass, or other fun items.

Chalkboard Paint Bucket

  • Make a Chalkboard Basket: Give your kids more to do with their basket than collect eggs. Paint a tin bucket with chalkboard paint and let them have all the creativity. Chalkboard paint for your walls may not sit well with you, but you can still give your kids a creative palette with a simple tin bucket. Don’t forget to stock it full of chalk, erasers, and candy.


  • Make a Nest: Nothing says Easter quite like a bird nest. For a unique twist, use mini straw bales and a milk carton to create a bird nest. Cut about ¾ off the milk carton leaving just the square bottom. Use a hot glue gun to glue your straw around the carton, place remaining straw in the carton, and put your decorated eggs inside. Your kids won’t know if the Easter Bunny came or a bird laid eggs in the house!
  • rice krispy birds nest

      • Make a Rice Krispy Basket: For a basket your kids can eat, create a Rice Krispy treat basket. Make your rice Krispies as usual, but instead of letting them cool in a flat pan, put them in a deep bowl. Be sure to place wax paper in your bowl and push the rice Krispy goop tight to the edges. When it has cooled, gently flip the bowl upside down to take out your creation. Add some candy, eggs, and items your child will enjoy and let the fun begin.


    • Decorate a Bucket: Simple colored buckets make great Easter baskets, and you can decorate them yourself with a little creativity. A simple, yet, creative way to decorate your bucket is to use stickers. You can use letter stickers to personalize your child’s name on the bucket. You can find your child’s favorite theme or character stickers. You can even use Easter stickers to decorate. Fill the bucket with all your child’s favorites especially candy.

    When you want a special basket and to use a bit of creativity, but don’t have a lot of time, these simple DIY baskets are sure to add a little excitement to your Easter morning fun.

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  1. That Rice Krispies Treat basket is pure genius! The only thing better than Rice Krispies Treats are Rice Krispies Treats topped with candy!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I’ve been looking for some ideas. This is perfect for the kids in my life

  3. This is a fun way to get creative with the kids. I know my 8yr old would be all in for making his own Easter Basket.

  4. This is such an adorable Easter craft and constructing a fake bird’s nest is so smart. I’ll share this with my cousin who is a 1st grade teacher!


  5. Very cute ideas. My son would like those.

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