Easy Chapstick Gift Idea with Printable Cards

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Easy Chapstick Gift Idea with Printable Cards

Looking for a useful gift for classmates, co-workers and friends that has a special DIY touch? You can’t get much easier than these!

This easy Chapstick gift idea with printable cards takes just a few minutes to put together and includes something everyone can use in the winter months – lip balm! They also make fun stocking stuffers or party favors.


Easy Chapstick Gift Idea with Printable Cards


To make them you (of course) need Chapstick or your favorite lip balm. If you have time to order them online, you can get a great deal on a multi-pack on Amazon. Otherwise, just pick them up at your local store. Next up is to print our cute Penguin Chapstick Printable cards. For best results, print them on card stock to make them sturdy. Then simply use double-sided tape or rubber cement to attach the chapstick to the right side of each card. You can use the back of the card to add “To” and “From” or a short message, if you like.

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