Help Support the GRO Organic Check-off Program

Do you choose organic? In recent years we have seen much better access to organic foods and greater availability in stores nationwide, but there is still a long way to go. If I thought it was easy and affordable, I would switch our food habits to all-organic in a minute. But, like many people, I … [Read more...]

Moana Inspired Healthy Fruit Dip Recipe with Sunshine Fruit Plate

Have you seen Disney’s Moana yet? If not, it is still playing in theaters everywhere! For us in cold climates, it's extra fun to head to the theater to escape the snow and freezing temperatures and spend a couple of hours enjoying the tropical escape. To continue that tropical escape at home, I … [Read more...]

2017 Gift Card Bonus Offers – Restaurants and Retail

One of my favorite deals during the holiday season is Gift Card Bonus Offers! Many restaurants and stores offer a bonus when you buy a gift card. i.e. Buy a $25 gift card and get a $5 reward card for yourself for free. So it’s a great time to not only buy gift cards for gifts, but to buy them for … [Read more...]

Join us for the Hallmark #KeepsakeIt Twitter Party Monday Night!

I'm so happy that we are now into the holiday season! It's the perfect season to take the time to celebrate all the wonderful people who make life special! Sometimes perfect holiday memories can come from the most imperfect moments. Whatever those moments may be, Hallmark wants to help you capture … [Read more...]

Choosing Holiday Outfits for Boys + $50 OshKosh B’gosh Gift Card Giveaway

With the holiday season in full swing, we're finding lots of holiday-related festivities popping up on the calendar. There are family get-togethers, church Christmas pageants, holiday concerts at school and so much more. when I was a little girl I always looked forward to a new, fancy dress to wear … [Read more...]

BEST Cricut Deals – Coupon Code – Save Up to 50% or More!

If you have been wanting to buy a new Cricut machine or if you just need supplies for the Cricut you already have, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT! They have some HUGE sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For Black Friday you can save an additional 15% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. One … [Read more...]

Making Good Pet Food Choices #BestofBLUE

As we head into the holiday season we are busy planning our Thanksgiving menus and deciding what the family will be eating. How about thinking about what our pets are eating? Our Toby is a big part of our family, so I like to step back every so often to evaluate his food and make sure we are feeding … [Read more...]

Frigidaire Professional Products Combine Function and Fashion

We live in a world of constant improvements.  Whether it's turning on one of the picture-perfect couples on HGTV turning a disaster of a home into a masterpiece, flipping through the pages of home improvement magazines, or pinning a bunch of DIY ideas to a Pinterest board, most of us have an area of … [Read more...]

Remembering 9/11

NOTE: I originally wrote this post five years ago, at the time of the 10th aniversary of 9/11, but never published it. Every year I re-read it and think I should edit it and publish, but the thought overwhelms me. So this year, the 15th anniversary of 9/11/01, I decided I will go ahead and hit … [Read more...]

Share Your Sight with

I've worn glasses since my freshman year of college, which was about 9-10 years ago.  I always love when it is time to pick out a new pair of glasses and change up my look, but sometimes the eye doctor's office doesn't have the styles or brands that I want.  Plus, it is super hard to see what I look … [Read more...]

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