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While I love being in business for myself, it definitely has its hard parts! One of them is that as a solo entrepreneur you have to step in and fill the role of so many different positions – everything from CEO down to the cleaning crew (that recycling bin isn’t going to empty itself)!

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The easiest way to attack those many different roles is to make sure you have the proper tools. When it comes to bookkeeping and organization, Neat software is one of those tools!

Neat helps you simplify document scanning, storage and organization and offers tools to help make you more productive, make bookkeeping less time-consuming and, come tax time, it even protects your business against IRS audits.

How Neat Works

How Neat Works:

The way Neat works is simple. The first step is saving your info into Neat, which you can do through several different methods. You can input your documents via a scanner, email, etc., but I think the most convenient option is the mobile app that lets you submit receipts from anywhere right from your smartphone. I love not having to try to keep and organize my receipts until I get home from a trip.

Neat App Scanning

Besides receipts, you can import other documents and you can even you a specific Neat-provided email address for invoices, meaning you can eliminate the shuffle of paper invoices.

Neat Receipt Scanning App

Organize Data with Neat:

Once all that info is stored in Neat, what can you do with it? Lots! Neat has a flexible folder structure that lets you arrange and organize your files in the way that best suits your business. From there, every document is searchable and can be accessed from any device, making it extra helpful for when you’re working from the road. Within Neat, all of your expenses are categorized and stored to be easily available once tax time comes around.

Neat Receipt Processing Features

Neat for Business Analysis:

With all of this information stored and organized, you gain business insight into where your money is going. Various reporting options include Expense Reporting to track your receipts and easily get reimbursed, Spend Reporting to track and report spending by your businesses own customizable levels (i.e. client, project, category, etc.) and Tax Reporting, whic tracks all levels of sales and income taxes to make tax filing and reporting easy and help you maximize your deductions.

Neat Integration:

Your Neat information can be integrated with accounting software, tax preparation software and other productivity applications. This is another big time-saver and helps ensure continuity between all your financial and organizational systems. It also gives you the ability to collaborate and share documents with co-workers and employees or other professionals such as your accountant or bookkeeper.

Neat Free Trial:

Neat offers several levels lines of product from the Lite plan designed for individuals tracking personal expenses to the business plan ideal for businesses with multiple users. The best value, at only $12.50 per month when billed annually, is the Premium Tier, which is ideal for small business owners with one user.

You can try Neat for 30 days for FREE! It’s a great way to see how Neat can help you become more organized and productive! No more time time chasing down those receipts!

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  1. That is pure genius! I can’t tell you how many crumpled up receipts I have stuffed in a drawer. I literally can’t tell you. All I know for sure is that it’s a lot.

  2. Well, isn’t that Neat?! 🙂 Now, if they came up with something that could keep track of customers and their communications (CRM), I’d be all over it!

  3. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Wow, this is so neat for real!! I was looking for extra piece of mind with all my receipts and stubs.

  4. This is a wonderful idea! Definitely keeps things simple and organized! No more looking for receipts!

  5. I have a pile of receipts and bills laying next to me as we speak. It’s obvious that I need this.

  6. Wow, that’s amazing! You’re right, anything to help us small business owners is a true GEM!

  7. This would really help me get organized! Thanks for sharing the Free trial!

  8. I so need something like this! I need get better organized with my business info. Might have to try this with the free trial.

  9. I need this! I have a pile of receipts sitting on my desk right now that are stressing me out because I haven’t taken the time to record and file them properly.

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