Free Printable Star Wars Halloween Tic Tac Labels

My kids are BIG Star Wars fans...and they've never even seen any of the movies yet! There's something about the story of good vs. evil and all of the fun characters in the Star Wars universe that appeals to kids, I think. My son actually dressed up as Kylo Ren last year for Halloween! The great … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Bat Treat Cups

Halloween is such a FUN time for kids, isn't it? If you are looking for the perfect bat craft ideas for a Halloween party favor or classroom activity, take a look at these cute Halloween bat treat cups! Kids can decorate their cups with googly eyes and fangs to make them their own, then fill … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Pumpkins Last Until Halloween – 6 Simple Tips

  It's fun to have Halloween decorations up early and make the most of the season, but pumpkins bought early in the month can sometimes rot before Halloween.  Soggy pumpkins are just NOT fun! If you want to know how to make your pumpkins last until Halloween, there are a few simple tips to … [Read more...]

Best Halloween Couples Costumes

Halloween is coming up soon...are you ready for that costume party on your calendar? Sure, you might not have to dress up in a matching couple's costume, but isn't it just plain FUN to do so?! There are SO many funny, clever, timely, and spooky Halloween couples costumes out … [Read more...]

20+ Bat Recipes & Crafts for a FUN Halloween

Halloween and bats pretty much go hand in hand, right? Yes, bats are around all the time, but there's something about them – maybe the fact that they're nocturnal, or that they sometimes live in caves, or that some of them are "vampires" – whatever the reason, when you think of bats, you think of … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Best Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming soon – have you gotten your costume yet? There are so many options out there that it can be tough to pick just one. And if you have kids to shop for, too, you know just how indecisive they can be. has a great tool that can help you find the right costume for … [Read more...]

19 Witch Recipes & Crafts – Halloween Fun!

 Double, double toil and trouble Fire burn, and cauldron bubble  Doesn't that just send shivers down your spine? If you're thinking of these lines in the original context – Shakespeare's Macbeth – then you're probably a little creeped out. (However, if you're thinking of the 1993 … [Read more...]

20 Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes – Brownies, Cupcakes, Salads, Dips and MORE!

I can only imagine how many TONS of Halloween candy were sold this season.  Now that the holiday is over, many of us have lots and lots of it in our homes and need to figure out what to do with it all!  You could use it throughout the upcoming holiday season to stuff stockings, fill goodie bags, and … [Read more...]

Finding Dory Pumpkin Stencil + Halloween Party Ideas

It's hard to believe that Halloween is almost here! One thing that IS already here is the digital release of Finding Dory available today on Digital HD!  (You'll have to wait until 11/15 for the Blu-ray and DVD). That makes the timing perfect to celebrate a Dory Halloween! Last week, while visiting … [Read more...]

Voltron Pumpkin Stencils – Carve Your Own Voltron Jack o’ Lantern!

Halloween will soon be here. Have you carved your pumpkins yet? I usually end up carving a traditional old jack o' lantern with triangles for the yes and nose and do the best I can at making a mouth with crooked teeth. This year I think I'll try my hand at making something special with these Voltron … [Read more...]