Bacon Bowtie Pasta Salad Recipe – Get Ready for Summer BBQs!

Pasta salads are a hit in our house. My husband just loves them! So I try to mix it up and do different flavor combos in our salads. This is a really tasty bacon bowtie pasta salad recipe, and it has tomatoes and onions in it!  His all time favorite is the Italian Pasta Salad, it is my go to salad. … [Read more...]

Cheesy Chicken Orzo Casserole Recipe

My family could eat meals with cheese just about every day of the week. I have yet to find a dish with cheese they will push away. They are also big fans of pasta and bacon, so a lot of our casseroles have those tasty ingredients as well. This week I found a Cheesy Chicken Orzo Casserole recipe I … [Read more...]

Turkey Stuffed Shells Casserole Recipe

My family seems to be on a casserole kick lately! My husband and daughter are constantly in the kitchen, head-to-head, concocting their latest masterpiece! To be honest, I am loving seeing the two of them in the kitchen together. My dad would have never been caught dead in the kitchen with my mom … [Read more...]

Broccoli Parmesan Macaroni Recipe – The Perfect GREEN Pasta Dish

My friend Andrea created this quick and easy Broccoli Parmesan Macaroni Recipe, which is a pasta dish that her mother made for her growing up. Her mom called it "green spaghetti". It's basically an "Aglio E Olio", which is olive oil, garlic, parsley, pasta, and Parmesan. Andrea's mom added broccoli, … [Read more...]

Easy Spaghetti Bake Recipe – No Boiling!

If it were up to my husband, we would have a dish made with ground beef or pasta with red sauce for dinner every single night. So, it comes as no surprise that when I make a recipe that has ground beef ALONG WITH pasta and red sauce it ranks very high on the "please make" list. This Easy Spaghetti … [Read more...]

Spaghetti and Garlic Bread Bake Recipe

One of the most classic American meals is spaghetti and garlic bread. I remember as a kid it was the only Italian food I knew, except for maybe pizza. Now that I'm older my appreciation for Italian cuisine has widened quite a bit, but that good old fashioned spaghetti with meat sauce is still a … [Read more...]

Skillet Broccoli Parmesan Chicken with Bow Tie Pasta Recipe

When you're in a hurry to get a meal on the table on a busy weeknight, there is nothing better than an easy one skillet meal. This One Skillet Broccoli Parmesan Chicken with Bow Tie Pasta recipe is a great choice because it has your meat, veggie and pasta all in one easy-to-make deal. Plus you have … [Read more...]

Chicken Pasta Florentine Recipe – One-Pot Cooking

For busy weeknights, it's great to have some good standby recipes that you can prepare in just about 30 minutes. What's even better is when they are one-pot cooking recipes! I hate finishing dinner only to face a big sink full of dishes that I used during preparation. This Chicken Florentine Pasta … [Read more...]

Rotini Beef Skillet Recipe – One Pot Cooking!

What are your favorite weeknight dinners?  We love having pasta and sauce, but I HATE the bunch of dishes it creates - a pot for the sauce, a pot for the pasta and a strainer to drain the pasta.  That's why I like this Rotini Beef Skillet Recipe.  It has everything we like all cooked in ONE POT! … [Read more...]