Mother’s Day: Books Mom Will Love + Printable Bookmarks!

My family is a family of readers and that is almost ALL thanks to my mom. From the time my sister and I were newborn babies she read to us every day. While we were growing up, Mom always had a book with her pretty much wherever she went and we always had books too. Even after we were old enough to … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Preserve Vacation Memories + Save 80%

When do you take the most pictures? For most of us it's a toss-up between life events like birthdays/graduations/weddings and vacations. I know when we come back from vacation we will have dozens, if not hundreds of photos. And with the improvements in today's cameras, and even smartphones, those … [Read more...]

Grass Blades or Ballpoint Pens?

Are you a fan of quirky office products?  These Grass Blade Ballpoint Pens are so cute and creative!  They make great conversation pieces and are a fun way to add some color to your desk when not in use.  Just put them in a classy flowerpot for the full decorative affect.  These would be so cute to … [Read more...]

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Ovation Hair Gift Set

I've never been brand loyal when it comes to hair products or even bought higher end salon quality brands. I have very long and thick hair and just never felt like I needed the pricier items. When Ovation Hair offered to send a hair care gift pack for me to review for the Thrifty Jinxy gift guide, I … [Read more...]

Personalize your Father’s Day Gift with Zazzle + Save 30%!

Father's Day is just around the corner! If you want to get Dad something different, unique, or even personalized this year, check out all of the great gifts for Dad from Zazzle! Plus, right now you can score an extra 30% off gifts for Dad when you use the promo code ZFAVORITEGUY at checkout! I … [Read more...]

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you dreading Valentine’s Day because you are on a budget but you still want to make the day special for the one you love? Well, there is some good news on the horizon and that is that you can find great inexpensive gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Give the … [Read more...]

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Give EXTRA This Holiday Season with Extra Gum

#ExtraGumMoments #CollectiveBias There are certain people who play roles as VIPs in our life. They can be old friends, a special co-worker or a trustworthy family member. One of my biggest VIPs is my Mom. My Mom is always ready to give extra and step in to lend a hand and not just for our … [Read more...]

Unique Holiday Gifts

  Unique Holiday Gifts Finding a gift for the person who has everything can be tricky.  That's why we've found a few awesome ideas to make that "hard-to-shop-for" person "hardly" a problem! The Original Basket Case Headband Hoop Game - The Original Basket Case Headband Hoop Game includes … [Read more...]

Fun Unique Christmas Ornaments

Fun Unique Christmas Ornaments One of the most fun things about decorating your tree are the memories that your Christmas ornaments bring back.  It could be the year someone was born, from your wedding or even when you adopted your family's best friend.  Here are some fun holiday ornaments that can … [Read more...]

White Elephant Gift Ideas

Grab bags are part of almost every holiday celebration.  When invited to a party with a grab bag, white elephant or gift exchange, it can be difficult to find options that can please a wide variety of people. These white elephant gift ideas offer some great options for fun gifts that are affordable … [Read more...]