How to Package Baked Goods for Gift Giving

I think almost everyone LOVES getting homemade baked goods like cookies, cupcakes and muffins as gifts. Its a thoughtful gift that shows the baker put their own time and effort into making something delicious that the recipient will love. With many people now on restricted diets, a specially made treat meeting those restrictions (i.e. gluten-free, vegan, etc.) shows that even MORE care went into it.

While actually baking might be second nature to you, knowing how to package baked goods for gift giving can be a bit more tricky. A bit part of a present is in the presentation and a pretty package can make the gift all that more special! Here are a few ideas about how to package baked goods for gift giving that will ensure YOUR gift is one that’s a thrill to receive.

How to Package Baked Goods for Gift Giving


Metal Containers

One of the best things about metal containers is that they help protect the goodies inside. You can get a traditional round tin or opt for a fun shape like a heart or a hexagon. You can even get tins that look like a paint can!


A basket is a classic and pretty way to present your treats. Little Red Riding Hood didn’t have such great luck when she headed to Grandma’s house with her treats in a basket, but it sure did look cute! Baskets are especially perfect for muffins. You can either leave your basket open or cover it with a poly sheet.


Bakery Boxes

When you go to the corner bakery and order a dozen donuts, what do they put it in? A box! A box can give your treats a professional look. Boxes are available in lots of different sizes and with special qualities like inserts to hold cupcakes in place, handles, or windows on the front.

Paper Food Bags

One of the easiest ways to package baked goods is with bags. You can choose small paper bags that are perfect for holding one muffing or a couple of cookies, or larger bags that will hold a bunch of treats. Glassine lined bags will provide a barrier against grease and stains. Food bags are easy to decorate with your own designs (markers work great!) or buy pre-printed pretty paper bags. (Try to say those last four words quickly – it’s a tongue twister!)


Glass Jars

Another option that lets you see the goodies right through the container but also offers protection, is glass jars. Cookies look fun stacked one on top of another in a jar. You can also leave the final baking step to the recipient by packaging all the dry ingredients for your treat in a glass jar and attaching a note with instructions as to the other items needed (i.e. egg, water, milk) and instructions for baking.

What are YOUR favorite ways to package package baked goods for gift giving?

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