14 Flavorful Air Fryer Chicken Recipes You Can’t Miss

Who's ready for air fryer chicken recipes? It's no surprise that chicken is the most frequently eaten meat in the United States. It's delicious, a source of lean protein and very versatile! That versatility means it's easy to cook chicken several times per week and never get bored with it. That … [Read more...]

Easy Pressure Cooker Chicken Teriyaki Recipe – Perfect for Instant Pot

It seems like we're going through a bit of a pressure cooker and Instant Pot fever lately and we're adding to that fervor with an easy Pressure Cooker Chicken Teriyaki recipe that's just perfect for the Instant Pot! It's not surprising that so many people are jumping on the Instant Pot … [Read more...]

Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes: Honey Sesame Chicken

I resisted getting a pressure cooker for a long time. To me it was the thing my grandma used to do canning and my mother-in-law used to make delicious boliche en salsa (the Puerto Rican version of pot roast). But over the last couple of years, pressure cookers have gotten crazy popular! … [Read more...]

Apple Cider Chicken Salad Recipe

Apple Cider Chicken Salad Recipe I love a hearty salad that has lots of protein in it to fuel me up, make me feel full and give me energy for the rest of my day. And the more flavorful the better! That's what I like about this Apple Cider Chicken Salad Recipe. The chicken has such a delicious … [Read more...]

Cheesy Chicken Orzo Casserole Recipe

My family could eat meals with cheese just about every day of the week. I have yet to find a dish with cheese they will push away. They are also big fans of pasta and bacon, so a lot of our casseroles have those tasty ingredients as well. This week I found a Cheesy Chicken Orzo Casserole recipe I … [Read more...]

Honey Hoisin Green Bean Chicken Recipe

Honey Hoisin Green Bean Chicken Recipe  When I was growing up, my family didn't eat rice often. That all changed when my husband came around. His family ate rice routinely - like all the time! After all these years I have definitely gone to the "rice side" and many of our favorite meals incorporate … [Read more...]

Chipotle Chicken, Corn, and Tomato Salad Recipe

When it comes to deciding what to cook for meals the meal that usually stumps me the most is lunch. When it comes to deciding what to make, the most helpful is when I can figure out things to make that both my husband can take to the office and that I can have working at home. We have a few … [Read more...]

Sticky Asian Wings Recipe with Honey

#GameTimeClean #CollectiveBias Autumn brings changing leaves, Halloween preparations and tailgating!! Whether you choose to tailgate at the stadium or in the comfort of your own living room (gotta love homegating too!) the #1 must-have is great food! I think one of the keys to great food is … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

Summer is here and for many of us the weather is HOT!! We had 100 degree heat index warnings in Minnesota this week. While we may have air conditioners cooling our houses, there is no reason to fight them by heating up the oven - and that's where easy-to-make slow cooker meals come in! I love … [Read more...]

BBQ Chicken and Veggie Packets Recipe for Easy Summer Get-Togethers

#FireUpTheGrill #ad #CollectiveBias One of my very favorite things about summer is backyard entertaining! I love barbecues, pool parties, or any chance to get-together and spend time outside. The focus point for these get-togethers is always the same - THE FOOD! While eating the food makes a … [Read more...]