Banana Bread Truffles Recipe – Yummy No-Bake Morsels!

When it comes to homemade candy and treats, one of the most fun things to make is truffles! While often thought of as simply chocolate morsels with some type of filling there are SO MANY MORE options! While I personally love chocolate I know some people who don't (still a shocker every time I find … [Read more...]

12 Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Decorate Your Table

Before we know it, Thanksgiving Day will be here!! What's on your menu this year? Are you the type who serves the exact same menu every year, or do you like to throw in a few new things to keep it interesting? We have our tried and true favorites here, but we do like to try a new appetizer or new … [Read more...]

Why Actors Should NEVER Say NO to Pixar – A Cars 3 Interview with Brian Fee and Kevin Reher

It takes a village to make a Disney Pixar movie and if we're going for that analogy for Cars 3, the mayor and city council of that village are Director Brian Fee and Producer Kevin Reher. I loved seeing the excitement and enthusiasm these two men have for Cars 3 (which is available NOW on digital HD … [Read more...]

What Should You Buy in November? My Local CBS Morning Segment

We're heading into the biggest shopping season of the year and it’s time to ask: What Should You Buy in November? This morning I appeared on our local CBS station to discuss the items that you’ll find at great prices all month long. Before we get into what you should buy all month long, one thing to … [Read more...]

Italian Meatball and Biscuit Casserole Bake Recipe

With fall officially here, I am ready for some comfort food recipes! I love to prepare meals that are as delicious as they look! And when it is chilly out, there is nothing like a hot meal to warm you up! My husband has a signature dish. It is his one and only meal he can make! He cooks meatballs in … [Read more...]

Kmart Deal Flash – What Will YOU Find?!? + Reader Giveaway

I have something to make all you bargain hunters happy. If you haven't been to your local Kmart store, plan a trip now because you just might find an awesome deal on something you didn't even know you needed! How is that, you ask? It's Kmart Deal Flash! The way Kmart Deal Flash works is really … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Cat Day with the Launch of!

One of the most fun days on the internet every year is October 29th - National Cat Day. All of you fellow cat-lovers already know how awesome cats are AND that they deserve their own special day. I am happy to see my social feeds flooded with cat pictures all day long to celebrate the holiday. This … [Read more...]

Pet Sitting, No Matter the Age or Lifestyle? Yes, it’s Possible!

No matter what background you’re coming from or how you spend your days, if you harbor a deep affinity for cuddly four-legged species and also enjoy making extra income (income that, bonus, is incredibly fun to bring in), here’s a little something that will pique your interest: What’s … [Read more...]

Miss Fritter’s Racing Skoool: A Lea DeLaria Cars 3 Interview

When Lea DeLaria walks into a room, she brings in a whole lot of energy with her. We LOVE her as the voice of  Miss Fritter in Cars 3 and she is just as fun in person!! Not only is she hilariously funny and quick with the jokes, but she is super positive and has plenty to say on any topic. Even her … [Read more...]

15 Delightful Fig Recipes

When you think of figs, what do you think of? Figgy pudding? Fig bars? (Fig) Newtons? (Did you know they're just called Newtons now?) Well, it's high time to think beyond those ideas and start trying out some different fig recipes! Figs are not only delicious with a unique texture and luscious … [Read more...]