Saint Paul Winter Carnival – Get Out and Enjoy Winter!

As a person living in Minnesota, there are a few things you have to naturally love or learn to love. A great example of this is hot dish. While the rest of the country will call this food a casserole, Minnesotans know that any potluck dinner or family get together will have at least one hot dish on … [Read more...]

Starbucks Medicine Ball Tea Recipe – Make Your Own!

This week on the TODAY show, Jenna Bush Hager shared the Starbucks drink she swears by as her go-to whenever she has a cold. The Starbucks Medicine Ball used to be only on the secret, customer-created menu. But, due to its popularity, it was officially added to the menu in … [Read more...]

14 Flavorful Air Fryer Chicken Recipes You Can’t Miss

Who's ready for air fryer chicken recipes? It's no surprise that chicken is the most frequently eaten meat in the United States. It's delicious, a source of lean protein and very versatile! That versatility means it's easy to cook chicken several times per week and never get bored with it. That … [Read more...]

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Banner – Ice Cream Fun!

Today with have something totally cute and totally free. It's an adorable free printable Valentine's Day banner. Actually, this banner is ready to do double duty as an ice cream social decoration any time of the year! With the cute little heart-shaped ice cream scoops, it will brighten up your … [Read more...]

13 Must Make Air Fryer Recipes

Have you joined the air fryer craze? Air fryers just keep growing and growing in popularity. In large part, that is due to their ability to cook nice crispy food without the need to drench it in oil. That's the best part of delicious air fryer recipes! By using warm air that circulates over … [Read more...]

Install and Support Your New Tech with a Total Tech Support Membership from Best Buy

So you've opened up your holiday gifts...the new smartphone, car stereo, television, or maybe even a dishwasher. As you start connecting and using these new goodies, you might need some help getting everything set up, or maybe you just need some tips on how to maximize their potential. I consider … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Save Money at the Movie Theater

With winter in full swing, we are all looking for indoor activities to do. There are so many great movies that come out every year that we all want to see, but going to the movies can really add up and make your budget groan. Between tickets and concessions, it's easy to spend a small fortune for … [Read more...]

25 AMAZING Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes – Make Weeknights Easy!

Change up your weeknight meals with these satisfying slow cooker dinner recipes. We have collected some of the most popular slow cooker recipes to try out for you and your family. Just prep in the morning, turn your slow cooker on and leave it to cook. With a bunch of slow cooker recipes to … [Read more...]

Mary Poppins Returns Balloon Craft: Nowhere to Go But Up!

Mary Poppins Returns is now in theaters everywhere and we have a fun Mary Poppins Returns craft to celebrate! If you loved the movie as much as I did, you probably have a hard time choosing a favorite scene.   via GIPHY   While I can't narrow it down to one favorite scene in the … [Read more...]

An Interview with Mary Poppins Returns Director Rob Marshall

  While I was interviewing the cast of Mary Poppins Returns, including Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer, the one thing that came up in each and every interview is what an amazing director Rob Marshall is and how thrilled they all were to work with him. This … [Read more...]