7 Top Ways To Stay Safe When Out For A Hike

My family and I love to be outside. One of our favorite activities is to hike in the Great Smoky Mountains, Before we head out, we are sure to follow these Top Ways To Stay Safe When Out For A Hike #ad #Kroger @kroger #WeBeatDEET

I am fortunate enough to have the Great Smoky Mountains in my backyard. OK, maybe not directly in my backyard, but within a short drive. One of our favorite activities as a family is to go hiking. There are so many trails weaving their way through that gorgeous backdrop.

There are majestic trees, streams, plant life, flowers and lots of critters! The Great Smoky Mountains cover 800 square miles. That is a lot of ground to cover when you want to take a hike! One thing I have learned over the years is how to protect my family when we are exploring the wildlife. Here are my top tips:

7 Top Ways To Stay Safe When Out For A Hike


  • Leave A Map: Many trails have a place you can leave a note or a map of where you are going. If this is not available, let a family member or friend know where you will be hiking. Should anything happen to you, this will make a rescue happen more quickly and efficiently.

Top Ways To Stay Safe When Out For A Hike

  • Know The Area: Of course it is fun to discover new trails when you go hiking. But, without a guide or a book, this can be dangerous. So, when you and your family are on a hike alone, stick to the trails you are familiar with.
  • Dress Properly: Even in the summer, you need to cover up. Our typical outfit includes a tank top with a long sleeved shirt over to protect your arms. We also wear longer shorts and knee-high socks or leggings. Wear a hat with a brim, comfortable hiking boots and sunglasses. Be sure to pack rain gear in case of summer showers.

Top Ways To Stay Safe When Out For A Hike fire safety

  • Fire Safety: If you are staying overnight while on your hike, you may need to build a fire. Be sure to keep the fire contained at all times. When you are leaving the following day, douse your fire with water. Do not leave until the fire has been completely eliminated.
  • Stay Fed, Hydrated and Rested: Hiking on a trail is not a marathon. Walk at a leisurely pace and take several breaks along the way. Be sure to pack water and snacks to keep you fed and hydrated while you hike.

Top Ways To Stay Safe When Out For A Hike animals

  • Respect The Animals: We get a lot of bears and other wildlife in the surrounding mountains. For the most part, if you leave the animals alone, they will do the same to you. If you see an animal, stay still and quiet. Do not leave food out. If an animal approaches you and appears threatening, look around for a large rock or branch. Use this to throw at them and scare them.
  • Protect Yourself From Bugs and Insects: When you go for a hike in the wilderness, you cannot hide from all the bugs and insects. In the state of Tennessee alone, there are 376 species of bugs and other insects! You can come across mosquitoes, ticks, beetles, dragonflies and weevils, to name a few! I suggest you pack a good insect repellent in your backpack. My favorite is Guardian, a plant based and DEET-free mosquito and tick repellent.

Top Ways To Stay Safe When Out For A Hike 3


When it comes to my family, I do my best to protect them from harm. For me, this includes not using products with toxic chemicals. That is why I was so excited when I learned about Guardian. Not only does it protect my family from mosquitoes and ticks for up to 8 hours, but it is non-toxic as well. This means I don’t have to choose between using a safe product or one that is effective. With Guardian Wilderness, I get both.

Top Ways To Stay Safe When Out For A Hike 4
Because Guardian Wilderness is plant based and has no harsh chemicals, I don’t get that gross chemical smell that many insect repellents have. Instead, Guardian has a very pleasant citrus-vanilla scent, which comes from the essential oils used. If you have skin sensitivity to DEET, like my husband and son, Guardian will not bother you. In addition to being safe around my family, Guardian is also safe around my outdoor equipment, clothing, furniture, painted surfaces and decor.

Top Ways To Stay Safe When Out For A Hike 5

You can purchase Guardian Wilderness from your local Kroger. In my opinion, Guardian Wilderness is a great bargain too! It repels mosquitoes for up to 8 hours and ticks for up to 4 hours. This means you don’t have to reapply it several times throughout the day. You can also save on Guardian products if you are an ibotta user. Currently, they are offering a $1.00 rebate on Guardian Wilderness when purchased at Kroger!  As an extra deal, starting June 18, Kroger will be featuring Guardian at 25% off! Be sure to stay connected and follow Guardian on Facebook and Twitter.

What outdoor activity do you and your family enjoy where you could use Guardian Wilderness?

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  1. These are great tips. Hiking is a lot of fun, but it’s no joke. You have to be safe!

  2. I need to try that repellent. DEET makes my skin burn like crazy, so I mainly have just been having to deal with a lot of bites. Not fun.

  3. cshell090869@aol.com' shelly peterson says:

    Thanks for these great tips on being safe.I will have to try this mosquito and tick repellent, I like that its plant based and DEET-free

  4. jewelwood55@gmail.com' Julie Wood says:

    It is so careful to know where you are hiking and to be careful. We always use bug repellent and I like that this bug repellent is DEET FREE!

  5. All your tips are so important when you are hiking especially in an unfamiliar trail. Ticks are my biggest concern due too lyme disease.

  6. These are some great sounding tips, it must be so easy to get lost exploring areas you don’t know and ending up dehydrated could have been awful.

  7. Because of where I live, it’s important to have ample hydration. It is so easy to dehydrate in the Summer heat.

  8. I always forget repellent, ugh! Glad for the reminder of what to take when hiking and how to be safe. I like to use my GPS on my cell phone but sometimes in the middle of the woods, there’s no cell service!

  9. Bug repellent is my number one must have for hiking. Bugs love me so much.

  10. Hiking can be fun, but if you aren’t prepared, can turn disastrous pretty quickly. These are great tips to help keep safe while on a hike!

  11. Those are awesome and it’s important to stay safe especially when you’re with the family. I always have an emergency kit with me when we’re hiking.

  12. Thanks for the helpful tips you post here.
    I always think it is a good idea to keep vigilant of animals and people while hiking.

  13. This is good information. We’ve been having problems with bears, even taking swipes at people, they are bears with cubs. So I haven’t been willing to go hiking around here, but also knowing how to protect from mosquitos and deer ticks is great. All this other info is very helpful, too, to make sure you are safe.

  14. sixtimemoM@gmail.com' Jeanine says:

    Great info! We are thinking about hikes this summer and its great to be armed with helpful info!

  15. Respecting the animals is a big one and I’m glad you included it. Plus, keeping those bugs at bay are a must!

  16. Very good tips. I mostly use my own mix of essential oils to keep bugs away.

  17. janet3rdgrade@yahoo.com' Janet W. says:

    These are all great tips! I’m not much of a hiker but if I was I would follow these guidelines!

  18. shartmaniam@gmail.com' Susan Hartman says:

    I live up in the beautiful north west part of New Jersey. I spend a lot of time outdoors. Definitely would like something that would protect me from the ticks and mosquitos. Natural is good!

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