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Did you know one in four children has an undiagnosed vision problem? Right now when you purchase individual vision insurance from VSP Direct™ as a gift, a child in need receives a free eye exam and glasses. That means when you give the Gift of Sight from VSP, you give twice. Find out more at www/ to VSP for sponsoring this post.


The women in my family have always needed corrective lenses. I clearly remember how I found out I first needed glasses. I was sitting with my parents and little sister in the Longhorn Cafe in our little town. I was trying to look across the room to read the specials on the blackboard and couldn’t quite make them out, even if I squinted. My sister looked at me with a funny expression and said, “You can’t read that?!?”

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Since that time I have always worn glasses or contacts and a few years later my sister followed in the same direction and has always worn them too. At times we have had stylish glasses and at other times, like that period in the 90s above – NOT so stylish. (Do you like how we were also rocking the matching family picture sweaters?) Unfortunately, paying for eye exams, glasses and contacts can be expensive. I have been fortunate to be a member of VSP, the nation’s only not-for-profit vision care company, for many years. When I was offered a chance to give a VSP Direct plan to a friend or relative, I knew I wanted to give it to my sister so she could enjoy the same benefits that I have.

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Those benefits include an eye exam with low co-pay and an allowance for glasses or contacts. There are lots and lots of places you can use the plan – actually there are 30,000 providers, the largest doctor network in the industry!! VSP Direct also offers the lowest out-of-pocket cost in vision care with a typical annual savings of $227. To top it all off, they have a 1000% satisfaction guarantee.

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By giving my sister this awesome plan, I not only gave her the gift of sight, but this purchase also provided a free eye exam and new glasses to a child in need through VSP’s #EyeGiveBack program. One in four children has an undetected vision problem. Ten million students in the US have vision conditions that can impact learning, with 20% of kids struggling to read because of vision problems. About 76% of kids don’t receive the recommended three eye exams by age five. That is a troubling fact since annual comprehensive eye exams can ensure that correctable visual problems don’t become permanent. Now through December 31, 2015, when you purchase a plan as a gift, VSP will also donate an exam and glasses to a child in need, up to a total retail value of over $115,000.


To learn more about VSP Direct and give the gift of sight to a loved one AND a child in need, visit www/

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  1. This sounds great. Eye care is so important, but it’s so hard to find it an affordable price.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Everyone in our house has eyeglasses. It’s important to have a good vision plan!

  3. Catherine S says:

    We have VSP and it is a great plan. How wonderful that you will also be helping someone else.

  4. Everyone in my family has glasses. I love that VSP has a give back program.

  5. Visiion is important. Its good to help out those that can use the help who may not get it.

  6. Everyone on both sides of my family uses glasses too. This could be a great idea for us.

  7. I have two kiddos who wear glasses, and my husband is suppose to too. Eyes are so important I wouldn’t ever hesitate to get checked and have a plan!

  8. Debbie Denny says:

    That is fantastic. Love the give back program.

  9. As someone who wears glasses I could not imagine having to go through life without them. This program sounds wonderful and I love that it can also help a child in need.

  10. Eyecare is so important, especially in little children. This sounds like a great program to help children in need.

  11. Sounds like a great program. My son wears glasses.

  12. Eye care can be so expensive. It is great there is VSP to help with those costs!

  13. This is such a great program. We have had it in the past and found it very helpful.

  14. What a wonderful program this is! I wish I would have discovered it much sooner!

  15. I love when businesses incorporate charitable causes into their business model. It’s important to give back to society!

  16. I love companies that give back like this. Everyone deserves to see clearly.

  17. I love this idea of eye companies helping kids to see! So many poor countries need this gift of sight!

  18. A good vision plan is very important. I am the only one in the family that needs a Rx and I need to go get an exam done so I can order more contacts lol

  19. I love this VSP program. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  20. my husband was 17 before they realized he needed glasses- he said his whole world changed!

  21. This is such a great way to give back. I salute VSP, they have been my longtime provider.

  22. I am blind as a bat and can’t live without my contacts. I am hoping my little man does not get my vision, but I love the idea that VSP donates to those in need.

  23. I didn’t know bowling pins had strips until I got glasses as a child. I didn’t know you could gift VSP, that’s a great idea.

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