Experience Holidays at Disneyland: The Most Magical Time of the Year!

Disneyland is amazingly magical any time of year, but it’s extra special at the holidays! I have been to Disneyland several times and loved every visit, but nothing quite compares to visiting at the holidays. With Holiday Magic at Disneyland Park and the Festival of Holidays at Disney California Park there is no way you can leave without feeling totally in the holiday spirit!

Both parks are decked out in holiday decor everywhere you look. As a Minnesota girl, I always joke that it just never feels “Christmassy” to me in warm weather climates, but Disneyland did feel all-out Christmassy to me! And besides the general holiday decor throughout the park, many of the attractions themselves take on a holiday change.



For “it’s a small world” Holiday there are what seems to be a million lights! Then inside the ride, the familiar “it’s a small world” song combines with Jingle Bells as you float through all the parts of the world celebrating the holidays. I was amazed at how the entire transactions is entirely transformed. It’s a can’t miss!

I was super surprised by Haunted Mansion Holiday, which takes on an awesome Nightmare Before Christmas Twist! This ride is also nearly totally transformed for the holiday season. I could ride it over and over again. It’s the perfect combination of festive and eerie!

Over in Disney California Park the Festival of Holidays is in full swing. Throughout the park, there are marketplace kiosks serving holiday foods representing various cuisines and cultures.

Over at my favorite part of the park, Carsland, Radiator Springs is all dressed up for the holidays. It’s so pretty! Plus you can ride the transformed Mater’s Jingle Jamboree and Luigi’s Joy to the Whirl. So fun!

Besides all the holiday excitement, there is a bit more excitement at Disneyland right now with the update of Star Tours – The Adventures Continue with footage from the all-new Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which will be in theaters December 15th. (So seriously, head to Disneyland NOW and you can see part of The Last Jedi before it’s even in the theater!)

On the ride you’ll meet up with Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, General Hux, BB-8 and other characters as you journey through far-away worlds like Jakku and Crait—an all-new planet from Star Wars: The Last Jedi!



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  1. NOBODY does the holidays like Disney. Their lights and themes are always so amazing. It’s a truly breathtaking experience.

  2. Oh my gosh, a Disney trip would be so magical right now. I love that they transform some of the attractions for the holidays.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time at Disneyland. I mean, who goes there and doesn’t have fun? I love how they go all out for the holidays, with lights and decorations.

  4. I would absolutely love to be at Disney right now, I mean it is the most magical place on earth any day so at Christmas it must just be breathtaking.

  5. I agree….even though I’ve not been during the holidays, I can just imagine how fun and magical it is. Your photos tell all!!

  6. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Disneyland looks gorgeous! I have never been there or Disney World but hope to some day with my family.

  7. We did Disney World at Christmas a few years back and it was on of the most memorable vacations we have ever been on. I’d love to do Disneyland someday too. There’s nothing quite like adding to the holiday magic than tossing some Disney magic in there too.

  8. One of our friends just went to Disney for the holidays. She was talking about how magical it was!

  9. I would love to see all of their lights. They really go all out on displays.

  10. I’ve been to Disney World quite a few times, and over the holidays but I’ve never been to Disneyland. It would be beautiful.

  11. Our Family World says:

    We have not been to Disney World during the holidays. We always went there during off season. I can only imagine how beautiful the light show displays would be. Maybe we will plan our next Disney trip around the holidays next year.

  12. These are so fun! We love spending holidays at Disneyland! Such a great place to spend with the family during this time of year!

  13. It is the perfect time of year to go. I love how they make everything look so festive for the upcoming holidays.

  14. There’s really nothing like spending the Holidays at Disneyland! It’s really a magical experience for the kids! It’s a lovely place to go to, without a doubt.

  15. Disney is truly so magical this time of year! I just love all of the lights and shows!

  16. Disneyland hasn’t lost its magic at all! I think the kids would be excited to spend the Holidays here! There’s so much to look forward to, from the attractions to the rides!

  17. Disneyland at the holidays is amazing! The lights, the music, the food- it all makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. So happy I was able to spend this holiday magic with you!

  18. I love seeing Disneyland during the holidays. It’s so pretty with all the lights and decor, not to mention the overall feeling you get during the holidays and while you’re at Disneyland anyways.

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