DIY Lucky Red Envelopes Celebrating Chinese New Year

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DIY Lucky Red Envelopes Chinese New Year

This year (2019), Chinese New Year falls on February 5. The traditions of Chinese New Year are centuries old, many and varied. For thousands of years, the occasion has marked a time to honor deities and departed ancestors. Family is a big focus with gatherings, traditional meals and other celebrations.

Chinese New Year 2019 Pig

Chinese New Year has many traditions regarding good luck and good fortune. Houses are cleaned from top to bottom to get rid of any lingering bad luck from the past year and clear the way for good fortune in the coming year. Firecrackers are lit to chase away evil spirits and welcome good fortune with their loud sounds. The lucky color red is used in decorations.

Chinese Zodiac Symbols

The Chinese New Year tradition I’m most familiar with is the giving of lucky red envelopes with gifts of money. During college I worked at a Chinese restaurant and when Chinese New Year rolled around the owners of the restaurant gave each of us employees a red paper envelope with a gift of money. That extra money was definitely appreciated and I loved the beautiful paper envelope that held it.

DIY Lucky Red Envelopes Celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese Lucky Red Envelopes Template

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To celebrate Chinese New Year at home, I created my own version of a lucky red envelope and am sharing the pattern with you. The envelope is adorned with the Chinese Fu character, which means “fortune” or “good luck”.

To make your own DIY lucky red envelopes, just print the Chinese Lucky Red Envelopes template on red paper, cut out, fold up and glue on two sides. To decorate, I used a gold glitter marker to trace over the character and add a few more flourishes. Once you fill your envelope with money, you can tuck in the open flap or use a bit more glue.

DIY Lucky Red Envelope Process

Now that your have your lucky red envelopes all set, it’s time to celebrate Chinese New Year and the Year of the Sheep! It’s a fun way for your family to wish “good fortune” to all and plan a special evening with traditional appetizers from Tai Pei®. I headed to Walmart to buy some for our own celebration.

Tai Pei at Walmart
Tai Pei Egg Rolls and Spring Rolls

I selected the Tai Pei® Pork Egg Rolls and Mini Chicken Spring Rolls. They were super easy to cook and I loved how crispy and flavorful they turned out. The fresh cut veggies really stand out and taste amazing. They even come with a dipping sauce so they are ready to eat. You can also choose Tai Pei® egg rolls in chicken, veggie or shrimp – all packed with traditional style flavor. So yummy!

Tai Pei Egg Rolls Chinese New Year

Coupon: Check out the the Chinese New Year app on the Tai Pei® Facebook page. The Red Envelope tab has a coupon to print and use on your next purchase. Coupons are available until they run out. You can also check your local paper on 2/8 for a Tai Pei® coupon.

To find out more about Tai Pei® you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Celebrate Chinese New Year with Tai Pei

Have you celebrated Chinese New Year? What kind of good fortune do you hope for in the new year?



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  1. I love those red envelopes! I don’t know much about how to celebrate the Chinese New Year, but the idea of buying Tai Pei and making lucky envelopes is a good one!

  2. What a fun celebration!

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I never really did much for Chinese New Year, but I think I might try something like this with the kids this year.

  4. Haven’t tried the ones by Taipei yet but I LOVE SeaPak’s Spring Rolls so much! I also love the Chinese Red Envelope Tradition, but will buy them because I am not so patient when it comes to crafting and DIY! 🙂

    You did a great job with yours! It’s nice that the owners of the restaurant where you worked observed that tradition.

  5. We have never celebrated the Chinese New Year but this looks so fun. We may need a new tradition!

  6. So cute and adorable. I’d love to make these and put them in random places for people.

  7. Oh how perfect with the red envelopes! This is one of my favorite traditions, and I will definitely be making my own. Great printable! #client

  8. What a fun project. I would totally love to try it

  9. Your envelopes are really nice! They would be perfect for giving monetary gifts.

  10. I love the Tai Pei meals. They are the perfect size!

  11. These little envelopes are so cute! I am going to try this craft with my kids!

  12. The tiny envelopes are so cute! I definitely want to try this project.

  13. Those envelopes are too cute. We get these egg rolls all the time, my kids LOVE them!

  14. Those are some spiffy envelopes. We don’t celebrate the Chinese New Year, but we sure do love the food!

  15. How fun! We haven’t ever celebrated the Chinese new year but it looks like a fun little project!

  16. These are such a cute and easy craft to do. I have not celebrated the Chinese New Year before. This might be a great year to start.

  17. These look like a yummy treat! I love the envelope idea, how neat. Thanks for sharing a nice idea to celebrate Chinese New Year.

  18. Debbie Denny says:

    Love the info about the new year. Cute envelopes

  19. I haven’t celebrated a Chinese New Year before. But I am completely down to clean my house on Feb 19 since it is desparetely needed

  20. I haven’t celebrated. I do like the idea of an excuse to power clean top to bottom though. 🙂

  21. Thank you! You’ve created the theme for a party I’m hosting on Feb 20. I can’t wait to try these because I love most asian foods. 🙂

  22. This is so neat! I love this! Thanks for the printable!

  23. Love those envelopes. We don’t celebrate the Chinese New Year, although I am sure hubs wished we did. That is his favorite cuisine.

  24. Mmm, I haven’t had an egg roll in such a long time! These look delicious and I love those envelopes.

  25. Those egg rolls look so tasty! I love celebrating the Chinese New Year

  26. My mom spent the last two years working at the embassy in Beijing and she loved the new years parties. Anything that involved a week long celebration sounds good to me.

  27. How innovative of you! I forget the Chinese New Year is actually in Feb what animal are we in this year? Super cute and creative post!

  28. How fun! What a great idea for Chinese New Year! I think I might need to do a little party or dinner and give these out to my girls.

  29. What a great idea! These would be fun to make with the kids. The envelopes AND the egg rolls, lol.


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