13 Delicious Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes – All Under 6 Points!

13 Delicious Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes - All Under 6 Points!13 Delicious Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes – All Under 6 Points!

As we head into a brand new year, many of us are planning to eat more healthy and trying to control what and how much we put into our bodies. One thing that really helps me to eat better is to cook more meals of our meals myself from scratch. I like to make up my own recipes and play around in the kitchen, but a lot of times it is easier to start with some ideas. That’s where this list of Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes comes in! Especially if you are on the Weight Watchers program, it’s helpful because each recipe says exactly how many points it is. All of these delicious breakfast options range between 2 and 5 points. With so many yummy options including pancakes, scones, hash and muffins, eating better is definitely doable!

Weight Watchers In 20 MinutesWeight Watchers In 20 MinutesWeight Watchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook: 280 Delicious Recipes for Every MealWeight Watchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook: 280 Delicious Recipes for Every Meal

If you’re looking to get a bunch of great recipes in a hurry, I have heard great things about both Weight Watchers In 20 Minutes and Weight Watchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook 280 Delicious Recipes for Every Meal. I always find that if I have an actual cookbook sitting there staring me in the face I’m much more likely to use it, rather than recipes on my phone or printed out from my desktop!

Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes Roundup – All Under 6 Points!

Orange Poppy Seed Pancakes – 2 Points – from Cafe Delites

Quinoa Egg Muffins – 5 Points- from Slender Kitchen

Blueberry Scones – 3 Points- from Recipe Diaries

Healthy Breakfast Hash – 5 Points- from Greenlite Bites

Pumpkin Cinnamon Chip Oatmeal Bars – 3 Points- from I Should be Mopping the Floor

Mini Cinnamon Rolls – 2 Points – KitchMe

Peanut Butter Banana Muffins – 3.5 Points- from A Mom’s Take

Greek Yogurt Pancakes – 2 Points- from Recipe Girl

Skinny Pumpkin Spice Muffins – 2 Points- from Skinny Mom

Banana Bread – 4 Points- from I Save A2Z

Quinoa & Apple Breakfast Cereal – 4 Points – from Weight Watchers

Denver Omelette Muffin Cups -3 Points – from Renee’s Kitchen Adventures

Fruit & Yogurt Parfait – 4 Points – from Jade Louise Designs

Now that you have breakfast taken care of, you’ll also want to check out our great Weight Watchers Dinner Recipes Roundup – All Under 7 Points! With everything from homestyle meatloaf to lasagna rolls, there are lots of options the whole family will enjoy.

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  1. these recipes look healthy and delicious!

  2. cshell090869@aol.com' shelly peterson says:

    What yummy recipes. I love that these are healthy recipes.

  3. Great recipe list. Scones and Cinnamon bars looks great.

  4. versatileer@gmail.com' Jerry Marquardt says:

    This is a program I have been putting off for a while. I need to lose weight, so the information that you have provided has succumbed me to the facts and I am checking in to this fine program to watch my weight better.

  5. I want to try the breakfast hash. Looks yummy.

  6. sfzphd@gmail.com' shannon fowler says:

    These look delicious! Breakfast foods are my absolute favorite. Ill eat them for all my meals. These are definitely worth a shot.

  7. Delicious and healthy breakfast recipes suitable for everyone who struggles with losing weight. I will give them a try, Chryssa!

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