Mint-Infused Lemonade Recipe

This Mint-Infused Lemonade Recipe makes a fresh and clean summer beverage!

Hello there! So pleased to be here and chatting it up with all of you. I brought along my favorite summer refreshment that beats out all summer refreshments of all time. All. Time. This Mint-Infused Lemonade Recipe.

I hear you laughing and giggling at me in disbelief. If you are some of the lemon or mint haters of the world I may be over-stating the amazing-ness of this beverage, I know. In fact, my teenage daughter has a friend that becomes physically sick when she eats anything with mint … even a simple piece of gum (what a way to seaway into a recipe post, right. I swear my momma taught me better!). But you all are a minority. A very loved minority, let’s be clear (no nasty comments! Ya hear.). But a minority.

And so I start again. This summer refreshment beats out ALL summer refreshments of all time. All. Time. For those of you that love lemon and mint.

It’s simple, fast, easy to make in large amounts (think parties), beautiful to look at, uses  fresh and real ingredients, and good for you. That is one seriously long list of great things, isn’t it. Ready for the recipe …

mint infused lemonade is a fresh and clean summer beverage!


Mint-Infused Lemonade Recipe



Liquid Cane Sugar.

Water and Ice.

mint-infused-lemonade-step1  mint infused lemonade is a fresh and clean summer beverage!

Sure I’ll give you a bit more detailed instructions, but I want you to know that the recipe I give you is just MY favorite way of mixing the ingredients. It’s MY favorite combo of minty fresh and lemony tart. You feel free to tweak and twist to make it fit your favorite or your family’s favorite. Then, if you are like me, you’ll keep a keg of it in your fridge all summer long because you will find it absolutely refreshing!

This Mint-Infused Lemonade Recipe makes a fresh and clean summer beverage!


  • Use lemon juice if you don’t have or don’t want to get fresh lemons, no shame.
  • If you choose to use granulated sugar rather than liquid cane you will get settling and need to stir often.
  • Use a strainer when you pour to grab the mint before it heads into the glass. Or, strain the mint out prior to adding the ice and water. Or, chop the mint extra fine and leave it in. Options.
  • Add alcohol to this base, if that’s your thing! Vodka, champagne, wine spritzers, and gin all work great!
  • Seltzer water and ginger-ale are a great non-alcoholic addition to this lemonade. Kids love it! Try a cherry ginger-ale for a fun color!


(Makes 2quart pitcher)

  1. Juice of 4 lemons
  2. 4-6 tablespoons of liquid cane sugar (use less or more according to taste)
  3. Large handful of fresh mint (about 1 cup)
  4. Water and ice
  •  Slice through the mint a few times so it’s chopped. No need to chop finely.
  • Put the lemon juice, mint, and liquid sugar into a pitcher.
  • Use the back of a wooden spoon to press the mint again and again into the side of the pitcher. This releases the flavor. Do this for about 2 minutes.
  • Add ice and then water until the pitcher is full.
  • Let sit in the fridge for about 20 minutes before serving.


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