Measuring Spoon Valentine Printable

Measuring Spoon Valentine Printable

This Measuring Spoon Valentine printable makes a fun valentine for sweethearts both young and old. Kids who enjoy learning how to cook will get a kick having their very own set of measuring spoons. It also makes a great card/slash gift for teachers, daycare providers or Grandma.

You can attach this Measuring Spoon Valentine Printable to any set of measuring spoons. I got the red set in the picture above at Dollar Tree (for $1 of course) and the silver set was a set I already had. If you’re giving this to someone who loves antiques, it would be a super special idea to find an old set of spoons at an antique store or flea market.

Our Measuring Spoon Valentine Printable  prints four cards per page. For best results, print on heavyweight paper or card stock.

Measuring Spoon Valentine

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  1. I’ve got my measuring spoons and I’m giving four of these recipes to friends/relatives. So cute! Thanks so much for sharing your talents!


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