5 Tips for Hot Summer Workouts with Tom’s of Maine

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5 Tips Hot Summer Workouts Toms of Maine

When the hot days of summer descend on us, what do you do with your workout routine? If you’re already a gym-goer, you probably don’t have much of a change. But, if you like to exercise outdoors, like I do, adjusting to the hot days of summer can be a challenge. I was inspired by Tom’s of Maine long-lasting deodorant to compile this list of 5 simple tips for hot summer workouts that can go a long way to make things easier!

Summer Workout

1.  Gear Up

When it’s hot outside you want to make sure that the clothes you’re wearing are suitable for the weather.  Shorts that are made out of lighter fabric and aren’t too tight-fitting can keep you cooler.  Also look for special fabrics that are designed to wick way sweat and keep more of it off your body.


Toby Exercise

2.  Find Your Motivation

Sometimes during the summer the last thing we want to do or even think about is exercise.  To keep yourself on track, figure out your motivation to work out.  If the simple fact of it making you more healthy doesn’t do it, think of some other reasons.  For me, I know that my dog Toby needs and loves getting outside and exercising, so that gives ME more motivation to get out there and do it with him.  I know he’s counting on me!

Summer Exercise

3.  Change it Up and Have Fun

Tired of your same old boring daily routine?  Change it up a bit and throw in some totally different and FUN workouts.  Try jumping rope.  Make yourself a hopscotch diagram and hop back and forth, back and forth.  Go to the playground and use the equipment.  Or just try a new jogging route.  Adding some variety can keep you motivated.


Stay Hydrated

4.  Stay Hydrated and Protected

During the hot weather it is extra important to protect yourself from heat exhaustion.  Be sure to drink plenty of fluids to help your body sweat and maintain a normal body temperature.  Also protect your skin by applying sunscreen – don’t be skimpy with it!  And if it is just TOO hot to be outside, be ready to move your workout indoors if necessary.


Tom's of Maine Deodorant Whole Foods

5.  Stay Fresh

You may feel better longer if you stay fresh during your workout.  I recently headed to Whole Foods where I picked up Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant.  It’s made with no artificial fragrance or preservatives and uses no animal ingredients or testing (my workout buddy Toby especially likes that part).  It’s aluminum-free and uses the mineral zinc to provide odor protection while natural fragrance helps you smell good!

Tom's of Maine Deodorant at Whole Foods
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What are YOUR tips for working out during the summer?

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  1. We use a lot of Tom’s of Maine products and I have always been super happy with them.

  2. I desperately need a new sports bra! To the store (and maybe I’ll try Toms!)

  3. When it gets hot outside I tend to turn into a big wimp and hit the gym!! Although tom’s of maine works there as well! LOL

  4. Love your tips. Really like those shoes

  5. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I hate exercising in the summer as I get so sweaty. I need to buy some Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant. I love that it is aluminum-free and uses the mineral zinc to provide odour protection. This is very important to me.

  6. I actually dug out my jump rope the other day and was looking at YouTube for some fun videos to watch to help keep me motivated. And I love TOMS products!

  7. We have recently decided as a family to make a change and be more healthy with better food for us and working out! I have some old workout gear but really needs updated! I LOVE that shirt! I have been in the look out for a new deodorant I didn’t know Tom’s made it! I will definitely be trying this!

  8. Tom’s of Maine is great! I really like their products.

  9. I love Tom’s of Maine because it’s gluten free, so my daughter can use it without getting weird rashes!

  10. Tom’s of Maine makes great products. I’m very familiar with their delicious toothpastes, however I didn’t know they had a deodorant. Worth checking out.

  11. Tom;s is my deodrant of choice! It is natural and it works! I always buy mine at Walmart – great price!

  12. I try and keep things fresh during the summer. Being able to spend my time exercising outdoors really helps. I just bought some running shorts and cannot wait to test them out!

  13. My clothes get lighter, and my deodorant gets heavier. 🙂 I actually try to work out in the mornings and evenings to avoid the heat.

  14. Lots and lots of water and taking some relief in the shade or A/C’d buildings. We have some random HOT days and the news is constantly reminding people to stay cool and hydrated.

  15. I don’t exercise very much. I would love to have the time to do so.

  16. I need amazing music to keep me going! I need to make sure to hydrate the night before too!

  17. Great tips! Saying hydrated is a must!

  18. I need a good deoderant to just walk out of my house (in Florida). I will have to try this. I love TOMS toothpaste.

  19. I really struggle with the motivation so I haven’t really done any exercise lately. I’m going to see if I can find the fun in something so I can get going.

  20. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing. Finding my motivation is where I’m at now.

  21. I love those colorful sneakers. Those might motivate me to work out. I love all of Tom’s products!

  22. Staying hydrated is so important during summer workout sessions. This TOM’s deodorant looks like it would be a huge help too!

  23. teresa mccluskey says:

    I have not used this brand, but will keep m eyes open. We use a lot of dove and old spice!

  24. Clothes that can breathe and some good deodorant are necessary when exercising. Nothing worse than stinky sweaty arm pits.

  25. I’ve heard of Tom’s of Maine but I haven’t tried it yet.

    I agree that breaking up routine is sometimes fun. I bet jumproping would do the trick. 🙂

  26. I use Tom’s as well. I am trying to avoid the aluminum in regular deodorants which are know to cause breast cancer

  27. I just got back into exercising so I need all the tips I can get, LOL. Thanks for these. Also, my husband just today showed me an area where he is breaking out under his arms and it actually is quite sore. I said to him just this am “you need to find yourself a new deodorant that is free of chemicals that are doing that to you.” I just sent him a link to this post. We will give Tom’s of Maine a try.

  28. I’m a sweaty, sweaty mess working out indoors or out during the summer. Always looking for something that actually works.

  29. I started using Toms of Maine products back years ago when I received a few free samples of them. Love their stuff. I love your tips here though. Some days it’s just wayy too hot and humid to even step outside. I’m thankful that I have a treadmill for days like that.

  30. I don’t have very many tips for working out! I am still on the “find the motivation” step!

  31. I’ve never used the Toms of Maine deodorant but I’ve used the toothpaste and love it. I may have to give it a try. Thanks for the tips.

  32. I totally do hopscotch at my house. I draw them on my back patio and play!

  33. Angela S says:

    Great tips! I need to pick up a jump rope. That’s something I could do right outside in the yard.

  34. Great tips for hot summer workouts. I’ve never tried Toms of Maine before.

  35. I am loving the shoes that you highlighted with the workout gear. I haven’t tried Tom’s of Maine deodorant that I can recall, but I will look for it.

  36. I wish my workout clothes were that stylish! I love the idea of adding fun in, like jump roping!

  37. During the summer I always make sure to work out in the early morning or in the evening so the summer heat doesn’t get me. #client

  38. Great tips. It’s so important to listen to your body during the hot summer months.

  39. My main tip is if you are going to workout outside do NOT do it at high noon! Also stay hydrated – can’t stress that enough. #wowlinkup

  40. Great tips! I’m in Houston, TX now and hydration is definitely the biggest one I follow. Visiting from #wowlinkup

  41. Love that sports bra! I would add trying to find some shade and working out after peak sun hours to the list. #wowlinkup

  42. I love Tom products especially the deodorants because I have sensitive arm pits LOL. You are right ,sometimes you have to make it fun to keep up your routine. Walking your dog and playing catch with him/her in the park is a great way to get in some exercise. Visiting #wowlinkup

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