20+ Bat Recipes & Crafts for a FUN Halloween

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20 Bat Recipes and Crafts
Halloween and bats pretty much go hand in hand, right? Yes, bats are around all the time, but there’s something about them – maybe the fact that they’re nocturnal, or that they sometimes live in caves, or that some of them are “vampires” – whatever the reason, when you think of bats, you think of Halloween.

Bottle Cap Bat Magnet Craft Hotel Transylvania 3

Whether you’re inclined to think that bats are fascinating or that they’re spooky (or maybe both!), we’ve got a selection of 20 Bat Recipes & Crafts that you can use to feature these fascinating creatures come Halloween!

With many of these bat wings recipes, all you need is to see the silhouette of those wings and you immediately know what it is!


19 Bat Recipes & Crafts


Bat Recipes:

Bat Cupcakes

Bat Sugar Cookies

No Bake Bat Dessert

Bat Rice Krispie Treats

Bat Cake

No Bake Chocolate Bats

Spooky Ice Cream Sandwich Bats

Oreo Bat Cookie Sticks

Bat Nutter Butters

Another recipe option: these Nutty Bats – super easy and fun to make along with your kids!


Bat Crafts:

We have some super fun bat crafts listed below, like a Halloween Bat Handprint Craft and a DIY Halloween Bat Hairbow. BUT, if you want to make things super easy, we also have a big selection of Bat Craft Kits that come complete with everything you need to make some bat crafts. Many of them contain enough supplies to make multiple crafts, so they’re perfect for a classroom or other group.

Boris the Bat Craft KitBoris the Bat Craft KitPlushCraft 3D Mini BatPlushCraft 3D Mini BatDesign Your Own Bat Wings & Ears KitDesign Your Own Bat Wings & Ears KitHalloween Bat Wood Shape Craft KitHalloween Bat Wood Shape Craft KitBat Tree KitBat Tree KitMini Pom Pom BatsMini Pom Pom Bats

Bat Bottlecap Magnets

DIY Bat Corner Bookmarks

Halloween Bat Handprint Craft

Flying Halloween Bats

Handprint Bats Halloween Craft

Bat Halloween Treat Cups

DIY Halloween Bat Treat Cups

Bat Cardboard Tube Craft

Flying Bats Window Silhouettes

Easy Paper Plate Bat Craft

DIY Halloween Bat Hairbow

Accordion Fold Paper Bat Craft

Bat Pom Pom

Which of these recipes or crafts are you planning to try first? I think the Spooky Ice Cream Sandwich Bats look yummy (and easy to make!) and the Bat Pom Poms are super cute!


  1. rochelle haynes says:

    This looks good love to try them all

  2. shelly peterson says:

    These are some great ideas that my grandsons would love.

  3. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    These all look very good, will definitely have to try some of these.

  4. These look so fun! Thanks for sharing

  5. I love the Nutty Bats! My daughter has loved bats for several years. I’ll make these for winter break for her. So cute!

  6. I love the bat corner bookmarks. This would be a great present for a friend.

  7. sheila ressel says:

    Such cute ideas! I especially love the bookmarks.

  8. Julie Wood says:

    These are really fun crafts to make with the kids for Halloween! I am going to make some of these crafts with them this weekend.

  9. These are really cute ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I like the Flying Halloween Bats that are pictured grouped around the mirror. There is a free template to make them offered on the page that the above link takes you to. They’re simple but look neat when you have a number of them on the wall.

  11. Cami Valenzuela says:

    Such cute ideas. I am always trying to do fun stuff with my boys. I will save some of these for next year.

  12. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These are such cute ideas. I just had to pin!

  13. Some cute ideas.

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