19 Witch Recipes & Crafts – Halloween Fun!

These fun witch recipes and crafts will add some extra cute and spooky fun to your Halloween party!

Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble

Doesn’t that just send shivers down your spine? If you’re thinking of these lines in the original context – Shakespeare’s Macbeth – then you’re probably a little creeped out. (However, if you’re thinking of the 1993 made-for-TV Olsen twins movie, then probably not.) ANYway…witches are often thought of around Halloween. In fact, dressing up as a witch is the #1 most popular costume choice for adults!

The witch theme doesn’t have to be restricted to just being a costume, though. Whether you’re prepping for a Halloween party for kids or for adults or you’re just looking for some new ideas to use around your own home, one or more of these 19 Witch Recipes & Crafts is sure to fit what you’re looking for!

We have everything from a yummy witches brew recipe to witches broom sticks to wicket witch cupcakes. There’s a lot to choose from!


19 Witch Recipes & Crafts


Witch Recipes:

No Bake Witch Hat Cookies

Witches Cauldron Cakes

Witch’s Brew Recipe

Marshmallow Witches

Witch Hats and Brooms Cookies

Spooky Jell-O Witch’s Cauldron

Witches Broom Sticks

Cookies and Cream Witch Hats

Crescent Roll Witch Hats

Wicked Witch Cupcakes

Wicked Witch Punch

Witch’s Broom Snacks

Witch’s Brew Bites

Witch’s Brew Dessert Trifle

Deathly Chocolate Graveyard Cakes

As I was browsing through these recipes and crafts myself, I was intrigued by these cute little cauldrons (used in the Spooky Jell-O Witch’s Cauldron recipe). Aren’t they adorable? You might be able to find them with the other Halloween supplies at your store, but if not, they’re also available on Amazon.


Witch Crafts:


Paper Plate Witches

Witch Mason Jar Craft

Witch Slap Bracelet Corsages

Witch Hat Button Craft

Witch Recipes and Crafts


  1. These great witch recipes are crafts are perfect to make for Halloween! Thanks for the fantastic ideas!

  2. My niece and my nephew’s girlfriend would love these ideas! These would be great treats and drinks for a cool Halloween party!

  3. Desiree Lopez says:

    There is so much spooktacular fun going on here it’s crazy! My kids and I are going to look over this collection later and choose some crafts to make for Halloween.

  4. These are so cute! I love doing Halloween up as big as I possibly can. I can’t wait to try these recipes, and I’m SUPER excited to try the crafts with my daughter.

  5. What great ideas. The punch and the broom snacks both sound good. I love that you can do this for a party or just to make dinner a little more fun.

  6. So cute!!!! I love witches brooms!

  7. So fun! I want to try the No Bake Witch Hat Cookies

  8. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    These look so much fun. Will definitely keep these in mind for next year.

  9. Mary Gardner says:

    These are all great! I especially like the witch mason jar craft.

  10. These crafts are so cute and I will certainly be making some of these next Halloween. These recipes will also be a good way to involve the process.

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