We’ve Come a Long Way! 2013 Prom Fashions at Macy’s #MacysProm13

Suffice it to say, it has been quiiiiiite a while since I went to prom.  I had a pretty horrible time at Prom my Senior year, but luckily I got a do-over my freshman year of college since my boyfriend at the time was a year younger than me.  That prom was a LOT more fun!  As you can see from the pictures, I was kind of hung up on the color pink back then.

After reliving my own proms through pictures, I had a blast this weekend at the Macy’s Prom Event at Mall of America.  Their Prom fashion show highlighted the hottest trends for the year and was hosted by Mandi Line, Costume Designer for Pretty Little Liars. 

Styles have changed a lot since I went to prom, but I did see a lot of dresses that had 80s elements in them.  I really should have saved my entire wardrobe from back then!

After the fashion show, the fun continued in the Juniors Department. Future prom-goers could visit the IMPULSE Cosmetics make up bar to learn how to do the perfect smoky eye and red lip.

A hair stylist was also on-site to help plan the finishing touch for the perfect Prom look.  (Our lovely model is Kelly from MuddyFlowers.com.)

It was great to meet Mandi Line.  She was so friendly and personable.  I think it made the day of a lot of young girls at the event when she called out and complimented on things they were wearing.

A cool coincidence is that we were both wearing very similar black cat necklaces!  I always eear my Jinxy necklace to blogging events – although mine was a cheapie from Groupon and hers was a much more high quality Macy’s version.  I think I know what to put on my birthday wish list!

There are more Macy’s Prom events coming up around the country in the next few weeks in these select cities: Orlando, FL and Farmington, CT, Scottsdale, AZ , Concord, CA, Pittsburgh, PA, Schaumburg, IL, Santa Clara, CA, Bowie, MD, Costa Mesa, CA.  Find more information on the dates, times and details for Macy’s Prom events here.

I did find one dress I loved and now I wish that I had tried it on. I’ll have to head back to Macy’s to do that. I can totally see my 17-year-old self wearing that one to prom!

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  1. How fun!! I love that last dress you pictured. If only I was in my late teens, early 20s again right?! 🙂

  2. Where I’m from we had prom every year and then the big one was grad. I graduated in 2006 and even since THEN the styles have improved dramatically. I think there should be a prom for adults. It’s fun to get dressed up.

  3. What a fun time…but I have to be honest, some of the dresses now are too much for me…I sort of like the older styles.

  4. What a great experience and fun fashions. Loved the photos.

  5. What a fun event! It’s crazy how much prom dresses have changed. I love the little blue one you pictured.

  6. I never went to Prom. The dresses from Pretty Little Liars are super cute though!

  7. What a great program! I’m glad that young girls are given supportive chances like this to learn how to do hair and make up while looking at trends for prom dresses. I’m envious that you go to meet Mandi because I really appreciate her choices for character apparel for one particular favorite characters of mine on Pretty Little Liars! It looks like she is a good sport and I like how you both share black cat necklaces! Thanks for sharing this experience!

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