Matching Family Pajamas for Mom, Dad, Kids and Baby

Super Family Matching Pajamas Set in Blue

Matching family pajamas are just SO DARN CUTE!! Whether they’re a Christmas morning tradition, the outfit for your holiday cards, or just a fun way to hang out around the house, we have found so many ADORABLE designs from Pat Pat and what’s even better is that they have amazingly affordable prices!

Family matching pajamas are fun for everyday use, but they can also be fun for some special occasions – and not just for holidays! Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Bear Print Family Matching Contrast T-shirt and Plaid Pants Set

Matching Family Pajamas Ideas:


  1. Family Reunions – Have an extra fun time at your next family reunion with matching pajamas for everyone! The whole extended family can wear the same pajamas, or each individual family can wear a matching set so it is easy to tell which kids belong with which family – especially if you don’t see each other often!
  2. Birth Announcements – Want a fun way to announce a new addition to the family? Have the whole family dress in matching PJs and let Mom hold a matching baby onesie!
  3. Vacation – Pack matching pajamas for your next family vacation! It’s a fun way to spend “together time” and you’ll get some extra fun vacation photos too.
  4. Holiday Cards – Speaking of photos, you can make super cute holiday or Christmas cards with the whole family dressed in matching pajamas. Pose yourselves on a staircase, on the couch or gathered in front of your Christmas tree.


'I Love to the Moon' Long Sleeve Stripes Matching Family Pajamas Set

And, if you’re shopping on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, they have some amazing deal with prices up to 70% off, which makes most of the pajamas $19.99 or less! PLUS all year round orders of $35 or more ship for free!

While there are lots of holiday-themed designs, you’ll also find styles you and your family will want to wear all year long! Whether you choose cute, funny or traditional designs, all of them are super cozy and comfortable. Find all the styles HERE!

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  1. These are the most adorable pajama ideas ever. I Love the idea of seeing families all dressed up in matching Pajamas, I know my kids would not go for it 🙁 Perhaps I can bribe them 😉

  2. Matching pajamas are such a great idea. We used to do that when I could find the kids all at The Children’s Place. But now that they are older, it would be hard to get them to match.

  3. Oh my gosh, these are adorable!! We have a tradition of having the kids open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve, which is always Christmas PJ’s. I always try to get them matching even though there are 2 girls and 1 boy. I love these for the whole family. I should really jump on it or they’ll be sold-out!

  4. Desiree Lopez says:

    Matching pajamas are so cute to wear in a family photo. I love the ones with the Bear theme. All of the designs are adorable though.

  5. Those are so much fun! I haven’t done holiday cards yet, but matching pj’s would be so perfect for our pictures.

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