Take a Hike! Essentials for a Fun and Safe Hike

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Take a Hike! Essentials for a Fun and Safe Hike

I keep saying that spring is here, but we are still dealing with some pretty cold temperatures here in Minnesota. Nevertheless, my hubby and I have re-started our outdoor evening walks and are gearing up to hopefully take our first hike of the season this weekend. I got an extra push to do so after reading one of the articles in the latest issue of the Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine from Sam’s Club.

Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine

The article that caught my eye was “Go Outside and Play”. This article discusses the health effects of taking a walk in nature that include decreased heart rate, more relaxed blood pressure, increased happy hormones, decreased stress hormones, mellower moods, stronger immune system, and fewer fearful thoughts. WOW! I will take a double helping of all of those THANK YOU!

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To prepare ourselves with the essentials for a fun and safe hike, I headed to Sam’s Club where I found lots of items that can help in our quest for healthy living. These are five of the basics that can make your hike more safe, enjoyable, and an experience you will want to repeat over and over again.

Essentials for a Fun and Safe Hike

Sun Protection

I am a BIG proponent of sunscreen. You don’t want to cancel out all those great health benefits of your outdoor exercise by damaging your skin in the process. Plus, if you have a nasty sunburn, you’re much less likely to want to hike again anytime in the near future.

Healthy Snacks

If you’re going to be taking a longer hike, you’ll want to be able to refuel along the way. At Sam’s Club I found lots of options to stash in our backpack like nuts, trail mix and granola bars. Anything that will provide you healthful energy and keep well unrefrigerated and bouncing around in a backpack is a good choice.

Stay Hydrated

You will want to take water on your hike. If you’re taking a backpack, you can put a water bottle in it. Another option (and a pretty cool one) is a hydration pack. It’s basically a backpack with a water reservoir built in that has a tube you can use to drink while the pack is still on your back. I found a pack at Sam’s Club that also has compartments to store the rest of your hiking gear.

Hiking Clothing

Appropriate Clothing
It’s important to wear comfortable clothing that suits YOU when you hike. Since I’m fair skinned, I like to be able to cover my arms to protect my arms even more than with sunscreen alone. This awesome lightweight jacket from Sam’s Club has ventilation to keep me cool while still covering. My hubby is usually always warm, so hiking shorts are a must for him. He LOVES this pair and they were such an awesome price.

Bug Spray

Insect Repellant
If you’re hiking where there will be bugs, you’ll want to keep them off of you. We live in Minnesota where everyone jokes that the mosquito is the state bird and we have had to cut walks short because of unexpected swarms of mosquitos. Next time we will be prepared!

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The article that inspired me to write this post is only one of lots of interesting and helpful topics in Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine from Sam’s Club. If your health is important to you, I encourage you to check it out!

What do YOU like to do outdoors?

We're ready to hike!

We’re ready to hike!

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  1. I need to start hiking more often. Got to keep my bones in shape.

  2. massmommie@gmail.com' Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Yup, snacks. I don’t dare to leave my house without snacks -EVER.

  3. When we go hiking, we make sure we have lots of water and lots of healthy snacks. You need to stay hydrated, and you need power to get through your hike and enjoy it.

  4. I would have forgotten about bringing some healthy, protein-filled snacks. Mosquitoes can be a nuisance so bug spray is essential too.

  5. Yes the mosquitoes are out and about all ready! It’s a must here for us that and sunscreen,

  6. Great tips! I haven’t been hiking in years I’m not sure I would remember what to bring along if we went for a hike!

  7. These are all wonderful suggestions and each vital for a successful outdoor adventure. Our weather here lately has been absolutely perfect for a hike.

  8. Not a big hiker, but these are great tips and ideas. I love Venus by the way

  9. Bug spray is definitely a must! I’ve already gotten a few bug bites this year. It’s crazy!

  10. Insect repellent is big one for me. I’m always getting bit!

  11. We like to go hiking too, and learned that bug repellent is a must! Even when you don’t think those stinkers are out, you come home covered in bites!

  12. These are great tips! I definitely agree with the bug spray and staying hydrated. These are two important tips in enjoying your hike.

  13. Fantastic hints for safe and happy hiking are always good to know and practice. It’s especially nice to be in one store, like Sam’s, and find everything you need for the adventure. Somehow, I always find a few extra things, too, like a camera that is priced too good to pass up or a new printer for the computer.

  14. We do Geocaching , which is basically hiking for treasures. LOL I have a backpack and keep a travel pack of baby wipes and a small first aid kit. I think there is hand sanitizer in there now. Along with our treasure that we swap. When we are ready to go I toss in small snacks and the sunscreen.

  15. You can never forget the sunscreen! I know plenty of people who go out adventuring in the outdoors and forget the sunscreen because, in their words, “We aren’t going to the beach…”

  16. I’m so glad I read this post. I’m going hiking with my family tomorrow!

  17. YES I love being outdoors and especially hiking. This is the perfect time of the year to hike. We went Easter weekend and the weather was perfect. Thanks for the great tips!

  18. annb10@rogers.com' Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This year i plan on going for more hikes. I am trying to be more active this year. There are some great trails near me.

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