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I have mentioned in the past that Sloth is one of our very favorite characters in ZOOTOPIA (which comes to Blu-Ray and DVD on June 7th), so imagine how excited I was when I found out I was going to have a change to interview not only the voice of Flash, Raymond Persi, but also the actual Flash himself! That’s what happened two weeks ago in California.



We started out with an interview of Raymond Persi, who came upon playing the role of Flash a bit accidentally. He explained that when making films they first do rough versions of them and “sometimes we don’t know who’s going to be cast yet, or we don’t even know if that character will stay in past one screening of the film. So they bring a lot of different people in the studio to do “scratch voices” it’s called – just a temporary voice, just to tell the story. And every now and then, we keep some of those voices in.” Raymond’s first scratch voice that ended up staying in a film was Gene, the little jerk from Wreck It Ralph, along with the Zombie. Then later on Get A Horse, he said, “I got to be another little jerk, the little jerky horn.” He also had a line in Frozen, which was fun for him because the character’s name was Percy.



While Raymond didn’t do any voices on the short Feast, his two Boston Terriers did! They brought the dogs into the studio and recorded them like eating things, as well as their grunts and snorts. He said “they’re both snorty dogs anyways, so it worked out well.”

Raymond Persi Flash Bloggers

When it came to Zootopia, producer Rich Moore along with the Head of Story, Jim Reardon, brought Raymond in to do scratch for Flash. Raymond said, “normally you think, oh, you’re going to do the voice of a sloth, you think ‘oooohhhhkaaaaay, I’ll taaalk sloooowly.’ But that’s not what they wanted. They said, ‘no, no, he talks normal. He just has spaces in between the words.’ So we recorded for half an hour or so, and they coached me. They showed me what they wanted. We read the lines, and then the scene didn’t change too much because after that one recording, that’s what they used in the film. I think my voice just sounded stupid enough that it worked.”

Zootopia Sloth DMV

While I really enjoyed talking with Raymond, it was crazy fun getting to interview Flash himself. I totally understand the pain Judy Hopps felt in trying to get information out of him at the DMV. It’s a bit frustrating! Check it out:



ZOOTOPIA is available on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, June 7th! If you want to make your own home viewing of the Zootopia Blu-ray a little more special, you can make this delicious Sloth Chocolate Recipe that I created in honor of flash. It’s similar to the chocolate served in Central America where non-Zootopia-dwelling sloths make their home. While it’s meant to be a hot drink, it actually tastes good cold too – – which is a good thing because at the speed he moves Flash’s cup would always be cold by the time he drank it.

Zootopia Sloth Chocolate Recipe YUM!


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  1. BEST movie of the year! My entire family adores this movie and can’t wait to buy it when it comes out on BluRay/DVD! My kids would freak over chatting with Flash – what a cool and special opportunity!

  2. Ha… Ha… Ha… Flash was my favorite character in the entire movie. He was SO every visit I’ve EVER had to the DMV. LOL

  3. Wow! How cool is this?! My kids would have loved to talk to Flash!!

  4. Oh how cool- that really IS flash!!!!! This movie was a lot of fun.

  5. I have been wanting to see Zootopia. I heard it was a really cute movie with a lot of small details in it.

  6. Robin Ruehrwein says:

    What a really cute interview! You had me laughing and I can’t wait to see this movie!

  7. Sarah Bailey says:

    Zootopia looks like it is going to be such a fun movie!

  8. I can’t wait to see Zootopia! I have yet to see it, but I think it will be such a great family movie. This is really cool! What a wonderful experience!

  9. This looks like an adorable movie, I probably should watch it. I keep reading some of these fantastic interviews and it intrigues me.

  10. Thanks for sharing this fun interview! It looks like this film must be a pretty cute one to watch!

  11. We will be watching Zootopia tomorrow for our family movie night and I am uber excited. I have heard nothing but fantastic reviews thus far.

  12. Zootopia sounds so cool, I have heard only good things!

    I really need to watch it.

  13. Flash is too cute! I missed this one in the theaters, so I am really looking forward to getting to see it on dvd!

  14. Our entire family LOVED Zootopia when we saw it in the theater and we all agreed that Flash was our favorite! I think I’ll be buying this video when it comes out tomorrow!!!

  15. This character is so funny. The DMV lines would be so long if Flash actually worked there!

  16. I can’t wait to see this movie. I may have to take my kids and see it in the theatre.

  17. What a fun interview and sidelines for comments. Flash tries his best, I’m sure. A hot or cold chocolate drink recipe in honor of the movie is a wonderful tribute for Zootopia activities.

  18. parpar de real says:

    I didn’t watch this yet I want to watch this movie one of this days sounds fun

  19. Zootopia was great! I loved the positive messages within the storyline and fun characters. Flash was great!

  20. Nicole Escat says:

    We still haven’t watched the Zootopia movie. I got more interested in watching it because of Flash.

  21. I’ve been watching a lot of movies similar to Zootopia and I really can’t wait for the movie itself to hit Bluray. I admire the staff and their dedication, I hope we can see more of their works in the future!

  22. Ryan Escat says:

    Flash sounds like an adorable character. I would like to watch this movie, my son insisting for it.

  23. Oh wow — how cool is this!! Such an awesome character – I’ll have to watch this movie!

  24. That’s fun that you got to do the interview. He’s sure slow in his speech…almost sloth-like. 😉

  25. Janell Poulette says:

    What a fun interview. I loved that movie. It is on my top 5 list of movies.

  26. Hannah C says:

    I still have yet to see this movie and I’m excited. I would like to watch it with my niece.

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