How to Make Confetti Eggs for Easter or Cinco de Mayo (Cascarones)

How to Make Confetti Eggs for Easter (Cascarones)
How to Make Confetti Eggs for Easter or Cinco de Mayo (Cascarones)

This project is a super fun way to enjoy Easter eggs without ending up with a bunch of wasted, uneaten eggs after the holiday. (Although if you do have extra eggs after Easter – eggs that haven’t been sitting out all day, I’ll be back with a recipe to use them!) Confetti eggs, known as cascarones in Mexico, are hollowed out eggs that are filled with confetti that smash into a colorful explosion upon impact when thrown. Making them is fun and a great pre-Easter project.

Start with raw eggs and use a CLEAN needle to poke a tiny hole in one end and a 1/2″ whole in the other end. Dump the egg yolk and white out into a bowl through the large hole (you can blow on the tiny hole end to make this easier.) Use the eggs for scrambled eggs or other recipes.

Rinse the egg shells and then dye them as you would die regular Easter eggs. You can avoid having to buy an egg coloring kit (unless you planned ahead and bought one for 75% off after LAST Easter) by adding a few drops of food coloring and a teaspoon of vinegar to a cup of boiling water.

Once the eggs dry, fill them with confetti. For confetti you can cut up colorful magazine pages, or if you have a diamond cut paper shredder, run them through there. You can also ask at your local copy/print center if they have discarded paper from their hole punching machine (although it might not be very colorful). To fill the eggs, roll a piece of paper into a cone, leaving an opening at the tip. Use this is a funnel to add the confetti to the eggs.

Once filled, glue a piece of tissue paper over the hole in each egg.  Enjoy!  (And have your vacuum reader to suck up all that confetti!)


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