How To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym

I used to get intimated exercising in front of a group of people. That led me to figure out How To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym

I was active in high school. I ran track and played volleyball. As a result, I was fit. I was in great physical shape. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I gained A LOT of weight. I was able to lose it by watching what I ate and going to the gym several times a week. After a few more babies, it was harder to get the weight off! I had to make some changes and get back into shape. I cut out sugar, cut back on carbs and joined a gym. I had gym intimidation. So many people were in shape. I felt I was the only one who wasn’t! I stayed away from the weight room. I stuck to the treadmill and left as soon as I finished. I decided I needed to figure out how to get fit without going to the gym.

I decided to ask my friend. She had the cutest figure and never went to the gym. Here is what she recommended I do:

  • Sports: I miss playing volleyball! I found there was a league in my town and joined! I forgot how much fun it was – and how much moving around you do. Joining a team makes exercising not seem like exercise!
  • Hula Hoop: I have a friend who uses her hula hoop every day. She plays her favorite 80’s music and swings those hips! She has the tightest core ever.
  • Dance: My kids and I will crank up the music and dance around the house. I have thought about taking dance lessons. Would’t that be fun? If only I could just get my husband to go!

How To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym 4

  • Work Out At Home: If I am going to avoid gym intimidation, I will work out at home! I have plenty of exercise and yoga DVDs. My daughter loves to do Zumba with me!
  • Play: If you have kids, play with them on the playground! Slide down the slide. Swing on the swings. If there is a track, walk around it while the older kids play nearby. It is a way we can hang together and have a blast doing it!
  • Jump: Do your kids have a trampoline? Who says you can’t jump on it? And if you don’t, get a mini-trampoline. They are affordable and are a great work-out

You want to know what else kept me from the gym or exercising? My light bladder leakage (LBL.) I have had it for years. It has kept me from enjoying a lot of activities. If I ran, I peed a little. If I laughed hard or sneezed, I peed a little. It got to where I kept a pair of undies and a few feminine pads in my purse in case I leaked. The problem with feminine pads is they aren’t designed for LBL. They are for “that time” of the month.

How To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym store

So, what’s a gal to do? Head to Walmart and grab some Always Discreet. They are made for bladder leaks, so you get the protection you want and deserve. And they have a beautiful and feminine design. Thank goodness for Always Discreet! Now I have the confidence to do what I want, when I want! I can dance, jump, play sports and hula hoop ’til the cows come home!


The Always Discreet line includes liners, pads and underwear. Each is designed to contour to fit your body. Now that I have the power of Always Discreet, bladder leakage is no big deal! And in my book, that is a big deal! Speaking of big deals, Walmart shoppers can get up to $8 off Always Discreet products! Look for the Always Discreet coupons in the 10/1 newspaper including, $2 off liners, $3 off pads and $3 off underwear – including Always Discreet Boutique – bladder leak underwear with a little ohh-la-la.

I used to get intimated exercising in front of a group of people. That led me to figure out How To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym

 I am stocking up on my Always Discreet products! How about you?!

How do you get fit without using the gym?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Always Discreet at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. Love this so much. I HATE the atmosphere at the gym, so I am all for doing it anywhere else.

  2. These are such great tips! I love going to the gym, but I can’t always get there. That doesn’t mean I can’t get in a workout, though. I gotta keep myself going strong!

  3. When I was younger, I thought I had to go to the gym to get in a good workout. As I got older, I realized that there are times when you have to work with what you’ve got. Great post!

  4. No matter how cheap I am and the hours of the gym, I can’t seem to go- there’s always chores to do, people to see, errands to run, and finally a break/a rest.

  5. Great tips on how to get fit without going to the gym, this is every woman’s” dream! Haha We are all so busy that it’s easier to be home and try to git in some exercise.

  6. Michelle Waller says:

    I love to dance around the kitchen with some tunes playing and my kids dancing with me. I haven’t thought about using a hula hoop, but I don’t think I could hula hoop after all these years.

  7. Our Family World says:

    I used a hula hoop before and it does help melt away that belly fat. I think I should try that again. I will load up my phone with upbeat songs so I can listen to it while I wiggle way to fitness!

  8. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    I get a lot of exercise chasing my granddaughter around! I never realized how much work it was to keep up with a toddler.

  9. The trampoline is a great suggestion. It can wear you out, but it’s so much fun!!

  10. These look surprising comfortable and pretty too. We love to dance around the house to get exercise.

  11. Great ideas! I hate going to the gym, and I feel like if I do activity around the house I actually burn more calories. I know I get way more exercise jumping on the trampoline with my son for a half hour than I do on the treadmill at the gym. It is great that Always has a discreet line for women. LBL is such a major issue that many women deal with, and it is good to know that products like Always Discreet exist.

  12. I have a friend who really enjoys dancing. She said she shouldn’t make herself bored to be fit when she can use something she loves.

  13. I would definitely need these if I got on the trampoline. I love it so much though.

  14. These are all great ways to get fit without a gym membership. I used to jump on my girl’s trampoline and boy, my legs got a good workout. I also like to find new workout videos on YouTube, which is such a great resource to help keep me fitness motivated.

  15. I do think fitting in workout at home when you can is a good strategy. Working in some dance lessons would be such a blast!

  16. My daughter is seriously the world’s best hula hooper! I stink at it, but I can see why it would be so good for you. Need to find more ways to stay active with the kiddos.

  17. These are great ideas. I try to keep an active lifestyle but sometimes it’s really hard to keep up with the schedule. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Will try these for sure.

  18. It’s cool to workout at home! I love it plus there are so many exercises online that you can go and try! These are all awesome tips!

  19. That’s really good. I usually work out at the gym but it’s very nice to work out at home too. It cuts the cost and the time consumed traveling to the gym! I think these are great suggestions!

  20. Wow so bladder leakage is really a thing as you get older and have kids? I am glad Always came out with their own brand of liners.

  21. Darcy Koch says:

    There are many ways to get in exercise without it seeming like exercise. Just cleaning the house, doing laundry, etx. can burn off those calories. I like the Hula Hoop idea. I listen to music all the time so I might as well get into it with my hoop.

  22. After having issues with my bladder leaks I was withdrawing from all my favorite sports activities like inline skating, jogging, walking, going to the gym such as other activities because I was afraid of have a leak during the day.
    I tried male gards and they didn’t work and then I almost quit inline skating.
    Then after trying with pads and protective liners was useless and I was told to use diapers as the kids when just I’m a male in his late 20s having accidents due to overactive bladder.
    Then a lady suggested me to use always discreet boutique if I would like to use my inline skates but I was afraid of an embarrassing moment at the gym changing room.
    Then finally I decided to put my male side down replacing my normal underwear by always discreet boutique. It was a hard time wearing protective panties and accepting them as my daily use underwear, no more boxers.
    When I tried them I felt like wearing panties than adult diapers and more discreet under my jeans and cargo pants. I have no worries about a peed when going out or when going to inline skating.

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