5 Signs Your Cat Really DOES Love You + a GOODLIFE™ Cat Food Coupon

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Cats often get a bad rap as the “bad boys” of the pet world.  Sure, they may be a little more aloof and independent than your average dog, but that doesn’t make them any less perfect to us cat lovers!  My cats are my little fur babies and my life just wouldn’t be the same without them.  We adopted Peanut and his brother, Jinxy, when they were kittens and I had no idea Peanut would grow up to be the funny clown he is.  We found Lucky in the woods at my Mom’s house when she was an itty bitty kitten.  She has always stayed itty bitty and is my little diva.

As humans we show our love for our cats in lots of ways like petting them, giving them the best cat food, buying them toys, etc., but cats also have their own unique ways of telling us that they love us right back!

5 Signs Your Cat Really Does Love You

Your cat…. 

wants to be near you.  This is especially the case when you have just opened a newspaper or book to read and your cat gets close by sitting right on top of it.

wants to keep you humble.  There’s nothing like the embarrassment of kitty dropping a little (or big) something smelly in the litter box the minute guests walk in the house.

..wants to give you gifts.  Fresh-caught gifts are the best, i.e. mice and birds.  But, returning things you thought you had lost like your hair ties are also popular cat gifts.

..wants you to relax.  Your cat doesn’t want you to work too hard and will let you know by doing helpful things like laying on your computer keyboard when you’re trying to finish a big project.

..wants you to be on time.  You don’t have to worry about oversleeping with the cat on duty.  If breakfast is late, there is sure to be a meow or maybe even some chest pouncing to let you know it’s time to wake up and head to the kitchen.

Speaking of heading to the kitchen to feed the cat, I recently headed to Walmart and visited the cat food aisle.

GOODLIFE Cat Food #goodlifepet #CollectiveBias

GOODLIFE Cat Food Walmart #goodlifepet

While I was there, I picked up GOODLIFE™ cat food.  The GOODLIFE™ food stood out from many of the other products on the shelf for several reasons, the first of which is that it has real chicken or salmon as the first ingredient. It also contains fruits and veggies! To add on to the GOOD part of the GOODLIFE™ brand name, it’s important to note what it does NOT have. GOODLIFE™ cat food has a recipe free of corn, soy and wheat. It also has no artificial flavors or preservatives.

GOODLIFE Cat Food Peanut #goodlifepet #shop

Are you ready to try GOODLIFE™ cat food for yourself? Head over to the GOODLIFE™ web site to find out more information and print a $1.00 off coupon! #goodlifepet #CollectiveBias

GOODLIFE Cat Food Coupon #goodlifepets #shop


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  1. I’m not a cat person, but your cat is beautiful! Glad that you found a new healthy choice for your cat!

  2. You have no idea how much I want a cat, but I am SUPER allergic, so the best I can do is be jealous of all you guys that get one. Sigh….

  3. I love my Kitty. She’s my family’s four cat, and while she is skittish, she still snuggles me.

  4. aww, my kitty does these thing, so he really loves me aww. so cute.

  5. What a sweet post! I love our dogs and they are big sunggle buddies!

  6. Thank you for the coupon. My kitty will thank you too!

  7. We are more of a dog family- but great blog. Your cat is beautiful!

  8. What a beautiful kitty! Cricket has been bringing us presents lately. The fresh variety. Eek!

  9. Awe, I LOVE this post! And your kitty looks gorgeous!

  10. You hit the nail on the head with your funny list. Cats are so like that. But, when you have a pet you really love, you put up with their behavior and feed them well.

  11. I’m so glad my kitty (Stu) loves me… in fact he is trying to get on my keyboard right now and keeps hitting the caps lock. Currently he is on a Rx diet- but I’ll be sure to try this out when he is off.

  12. I grew up with a cat and loved it. Even though I didn’t think my cat really liked me back, after reading your tips, maybe she did 🙂

  13. Cats certainly do keep it real, don’t they? I think they’re adorable and so silly and fun.

  14. What a cutie! I miss my cat so much. I bet this is great food.

  15. I love cats, but am allergic. Ugh. I hate that cause I’d love to have an indoor cat. We do have some neighborhood cats that run around though. My niece does have 3 or 4 for their kids so I’ll have to mention this brand to her!

  16. lil_lady_dz@yahoo.com' nicole dz says:

    My cat always find her way to climb on top of my laptop and lay right on the keyboard. She always also sits on my lap while im at my desk, every time I go to get on the computer she comes with me. Its really cute.

  17. Adorable cat. Looks like your cat really loves you!

  18. What a gorgeous baby! My Bella does almost every thing you listed above, I knew she loved me.

  19. That’s a great brand. I know for sure my cat loves us, he’s so sweet and always wants to be near us. Plus, he’s so patient with our 2-year old.

  20. My cat loves to walk around on my desk until he plops himself down right on top of my keyboard! I have been known to Instagram this.

  21. Our kitty is just a baby. I look forward to all of these things (except maybe the stinky box, LOL).

  22. cats get a bad rap for being emotionless and mean. I had cats growing up and they didn’t display affection at all…..maybe because I used to pull on their tails. Lol. I have seen cats now though that are a lot like dogs….loyal and loving

  23. I don’t have a cat but my in-laws do and he is so sweet. Poor cats, they get a bad reputation!

  24. i don’t have a cat but i’ve been thinking about getting one. i hope i get an affectionate one

  25. If only I loved cats as much as they loved me!

  26. Your cat is so cute. My middle son’s cat was so snuggly- though only with him!

  27. My Lil must LOVE me. She always wakes me up early every day and always wants to sit on me whenever I do anything that doesn’t involve her.

  28. I love the humbling part!!! Great list 🙂

  29. What a beautiful cat! We’re dog people. Our dog is not a fan of cats. Though she used to be friends with one in the neighborhood. All other cats, she can not deal with. Odd.

  30. What a beautiful cat you have. That food sounds like it isa great brand to give to your fur baby.

  31. According to this my cats sure love me! And as an added bonus they want to make my life interesting and keep scaring me at midnight while I’m a sleep. Just so it wouldn’t get too boring for me, lol

  32. AWE what a cute post. I had a cat when I was younger. If my boys were not allergic I would have gotten another one.

  33. That’s such a cute kitty! My friend has one that looks really similar.

  34. Your cat is SO CUTE!!! I want a cat so badly. My old cat used to bring mice and birds to our doorstep allllll the time. Obviously, she loved us 🙂

  35. My kids are dying for a kitty cat. Good Life looks like a great brand.

  36. What a gorgeous cat but we’re puppy people here. You definitely know you’re kitty 🙂

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