FREE Printable Super Bowl Dish Markers

Free Printable Super Bowl Dish Markers


Free Printable Super Bowl Dish Markers

Planning a Super Bowl party?  Have lots of different dishes you plan to add to the party table?  You can use these FREE Printable Super Bowl Dish Markers to let your guests know exactly what is in each dish on the table.  To use them, just print out on a color printer, fill in the food in he blank area and attach to a popsicle stick or salad fork to stick into your dish for display.

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Super Bowl Dish Markers

These markers are a pretty big size, for party size dishes, platters and trays.  If you want smaller markers, print one and then use the “minimize” setting on your printer/copier to make smaller copies.

If you’re having friends bringing contributions to the feast, print out a few extras and leave a pen on the table so they can fill one out and add to their dish.  That way, when your friend brings some odd jello/marshmallow/fruit concoction you don’t have to ask “What IS that, anyway?”  She will have already written it on the marker!

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