Cars 2 Craft Project – Make Tube Racers

Cars 2 Week at Thrifty Jinxy continues with another fun craft project. Take this idea for a spin and turn an ordinary toilet paper tube into a hot rod!


Toilet paper tube
Acrylic paint
Hole puncher
Black craft foam
Aluminum foil
Paper for decorations (optional)
Small paper fasteners

1. Coat the tube with acrylic paint.

2. When it’s dry, mark the location of the cockpit, steering wheel, and wheels as shown.

3. Snip out the cockpit and punch holes at the wheel and steering wheel marks. Fold the steering wheel flap down and the other flap up to serve as a seat back.

4. Cut 4 wheels (about the size of the toilet tube ends) and a quarter-sized steering wheel out of black craft foam.

5. Cut 4 quarter-size hubcaps out of aluminum foil. Punch holes in the centers of all the circles. Glue the hubcaps onto the wheels and decorate the steering wheel with foil accents.

6. Give your mean machine a custom paint job; you can glue on paper decorations and add numbers as well.

7. When you’re ready to roll, attach the wheels and steering wheel to the tube with small paper fasteners. — Start your engines!

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