What Should You Buy in November? My Local CBS Morning Segment

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We’re heading into the biggest shopping season of the year and it’s time to ask: What Should You Buy in November? This morning I appeared on our local CBS station to discuss the items that you’ll find at great prices all month long. You can read my recap here and see the video itself at the bottom of this post!

What Should You Buy in November?



Once the trick-or-treating is finished, all the leftover Halloween candy in stores will be on sale, so it’s time to stock up. Store it in a cool place in zip-top bags or sealed containers or toss in the freezer. You can also also repurpose it as ice cream topping or bake it up in recipes. We have a whole list of recipes using leftover Halloween candy.

Baking Ingredients Shelf Life Guide

Baking Supplies

Speaking of baking, a lot of extra baking goes on during the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving and going all the way through Christmas – so you’ll find deals on flour, sugar, cake mixes, chocolate chips, etc., especially starting in the next couple of weeks. See how long it’s safe to store them with our Baking Ingredients Shelf Life Guide.

Kitchen Items

With all that baking going on along with all the holiday cooking, it means everything for your kitchen will be on sale, including baking pans, serving dishes, and small kitchen appliances. Now is the time to score a deal on a higher end item like a KitchenAid mixer or Vitamix blender you have been eyeing.


Major Appliances

The large items for the kitchen like ovens and dishwashers are also traditionally at great prices in November. Beyond the kitchen you can look for washers and dryers and vacuums.

Home Improvements

During the holidays many people put home improvement projects on hold so that it doesn’t interfere with holiday entertaining and it doesn’t drain too much of the holiday budget. That makes it a good time to contract services like painting , carpeting and remodeling.

Winterization Products

With winter upon us it’s time to get your home winterized and the materials to do it are on sale. There are deals on supplies like insulation, weather-stripping and even on thermostats. Plus, buying these items now and using them will help save on your heating bills all winter.


Wedding Dresses

December is one of the most popular months of the year for couples to get engaged. Bridal stores bring in a lot of new dresses in the fall to get ready for those newly engaged brides. That means they will lower the prices on their current inventory to make way for the new ones.

Those are just a few of the items on sale this month, but once we hit Black Friday and Cyber Monday you’ll be seeing deals on nearly everything you can imagine!


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  1. That’s a good idea to shop for appliances this time of year! We could use a new dishwasher.

  2. Never knew that this is the time of year to buy a wedding dress! I will have to tell my friend that is getting married! I always look for baking products now it is SUCH a good time to get butter and other items!

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  4. I am slightly obsessed with baking supplies when they all go on sale for Thanksgiving baking!! I usually get a year’s supply. 🙂

  5. These are great tips on when to stock up (Great job on your segment, by the way!)! I looooove stocking up on baking supplies during November. I store them with oxygen absorbers!

  6. Thanks for sharing all these great shopping tips. It’s always great to know. Loved your post!

  7. This is SO good to know. I knew about Halloween candy but I has no idea about the rest! I have two cousins who are getting married, I’ll have to tell them that now is the time to get their dresses!

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